The Livewell Collective - June 2019


JUNE 2019


When you run your own company, it’s hard to remind yourself to take a break. I’m sure many box owners new and old struggle with this like I do. How can we even think of a summer vacation? We need to be on that daily grind, putting all our energy into our business. But that’s not how we approach fitness — rest and recovery are just as important to our health as crushing a workout. The same is true for your business. I owe this lesson to my mother. She’s run her own therapy practice for the past 40 years and she taught me a lot about the hustle it takes to be an entrepreneur. But even though she put tons of energy into her business, it didn’t stop her from taking a vacation with her kids every summer. Yes, it meant missing out on a few weeks’ worth of income, but she made it more than worth it.

ended up having a great time. To this day, some of my fondest memories come from those family vacations.

Thanks to the time my mother set aside for my brother and me, we got to see every state except Alaska by the time I graduated. We took Route 66 from coast to coast, visited Mount Rushmore, and walked through the Gettysburg Battlefield memorial. And, of course, we had plenty of oddball stops along the way, from the “Artichoke Capital of the World” to Will Rogers’ home (Mom’s a big fan). These are sights and memories you just don’t get when you fly. My fondest memories of all don’t have anything to do with a destination. What I miss most about these road trips is just being in that van with my family, talking, and watching the Rocky Mountains roll by. Looking back, my mom wasn’t “losing” income to make these vacations happen; she was investing in experiences that will last a lifetime. In 2017, I took my first vacation since founding O2. Looking to go even further afield than where our mother had taken us, my brother and I backpacked across Southeast Asia. We’d learned the value of taking things slow and enjoying the scenery. I’m fortunate to have the support of such a great team. I never could have made time to unwind without their support. It took me a long time to feel comfortable taking time off, even with my mother’s example. As someone who makes recovery drinks, you’d think I’d see the value of resting and recharging. So, if you’ve been grinding away at your box these last few years, take a little you time. Trust me, you’ll come back fired up and ready to take your business to the next level.

From the time I was 12 until I graduated high school, my breaks were largely spent looking at our country through a car window. My mother was a

huge fan of road trips, from short weekend excursions to full-blown cross-country experiences. She even got a giant conversion van to

make these journeys a reality. That beast came with a TV and fold-down twin bed. It became something of a family heirloom. Believe it or not, when I was 16, I took my driver’s ed test in that thing.

I’ll be honest — I was never excited about these vacations. Being in my rebellious teen years, I wanted to spend my time with

Happy trails,

friends, not packed into a van with my little brother. But as much as I protested and sulked in the lead-up to these trips, I always

–Dave Colina Founder, O2


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