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SEPT 2017

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When I realized recently that I was celebrating one year as the dentist at Eagle Dental Care, I was a little bit surprised. I guess when life is busy, you forget how quickly a milestone can arrive. It’s been an amazing first year at the practice, and I owe a massive thanks to the team for making me feel welcome from the first day through the 365th. An equally sincere thanks goes out to all the patients who have continued to support Eagle Dental Care during my first year. That first day on the job feels like it was only weeks ago. We hit the ground running right away, seeing patients as soon as I arrived. There was something special about that day, though, as we closed the practice a couple hours early to have an open house. We invited all of our patients to come in, say goodbye with a big thank- you to Dr. Courtial, and be introduced to yours truly. I think that open house was the perfect way to get started, and I’d like to think we are still carrying the momentum from that evening. I was lucky enough to arrive at a thriving practice with an exceptional staff, so I’ve been careful to not rock the boat too much. Patients deserve the same thoughtful care they are used to, and I want everyone to feel as at home as they ever have. That said, we have had the chance to do a few touch-ups in the past year. We’ve put in new computers and monitors, intaoral cameras, and X-ray sensors. We changed some signage and did a little landscaping.

Speaking of major milestones, I’m sending my daughter, Avy, who is my oldest, off to kindergarten this year. I have to admit, it’s probably going to be harder on me than her. She’s excited about it. After two years of preschool, she’s had plenty of experience being in a structured environment with other children. Nevertheless, kindergarten is a big deal, and I’m looking forward to seeing her start this stage of her life. Kindergarten will be a new experience for Avy, but she’s not the only one trying out new things! Our newborn, Max, had a first of his own when we took him out recently for his first camping trip. It was short but sweet, and I’m sure it will be the first of many. As many of you know, I’m a huge outdoorsman, so it means a lot to be able to share that love with my family. Before I sign off this month, I just want to thank everyone again for making my first year at Eagle Dental so amazing. Here’s to many more! – Dr. Chris Thomason

“My goal is to make Eagle Dental Care a state-of-the-art practice without sacrificing the personal, friendly care that has always been an essential part of the office.”

In this next year, we are hoping to make a few additional improvements to the office. Along with some remodeling, I am excited to bring some new dental technology into the office. My goal is to make Eagle Dental Care a state-of-the-art practice without sacrificing the personal, friendly care that has always been an essential part of the office.

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