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December 2019


A TIME FOR REFLECTION Acknowledging the People We Hold Closest to Our Hearts

workplace are part of our family, including our clients. To ensure that every person here is supported and cared for, my team and I step up to help. One way we do this is through a shared Uber account that our clients can use, giving them transportation to their doctor's offices or other necessary appointments. Family takes care of one another through everything we face in life. It’s what gives life flavor and makes it worth living. Our family, no matter if it’s the family we’re born into, the people we surround ourselves with, or the people we work alongside, is worth celebrating. This is a time to reflect back on the people who’ve been there for you and what you’ve accomplished with these wonderful individuals by your side. "The people who are constantly around us, who we love, and who are important to us are always on our minds."

worked with us, whether clients or past coworkers, have always stayed connected, and I believe they always will. I appreciate and care for not only every person I’ve met at Russell & Lazarus but also for my many close friends. I have some good friends I’ve been close to since high school who I’ve known for about 50 years. They’ve always been there with me to laugh and just have a good time, and I think that is what’s really important about family. When you have people to experience and share the great moments in life with, it creates a sense of belonging and warmth. If someone doesn’t have a family to share the good and the bad with, then life becomes a bit hollow. I have a nephew and niece who were involved in a serious car accident a while ago. They couldn't take care of themselves well and were struggling to get to their doctor’s appointments. Seeing this, the people around them jumped in to help. It was incredibly heartwarming to see how the family rallied around them. Aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, and parents all came forward to help in any way we could by visiting them in the hospital, making sure they could get around, and supporting them. In my profession, I’ve seen what it’s like when people don’t have these connections, and it’s heartbreaking. Far too often, there are people who don’t have family, and we see how hard it is for them when they can’t even get from place to place on their own. As I mentioned before, the people in our

As we transition from the 2010s into the 2020s, I find myself reflecting on this past decade. Whenever I think back over the years, my thoughts immediately turn to my family. To a certain degree, many of us think about family when we’re asked to reflect on certain aspects of life. Our family members are the most important connections we have. The people who are constantly around us, who we love, and who are important to us are always on our minds. But family is more than our “blood” relations. It’s so much more than our parents, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, and uncles. Family is also our close friends who we’ve made over the years and the people we see every day in the workplace. Every team member at Russell & Lazarus is a part of the family here. Whenever I think about family, I always think about the people I come home to every day after work, as well as the people I get to spend the majority of my days with. The people who have been with me for years and the people who have

I am very, very grateful for the life I have and the family I have around me, be it my blood

family, my friends who became my family, or my work family.

– Chris Russell

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