8 September 2017

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CIO message Firstly, thank you to all of you who attended our Town Hall at Parramatta yesterday. It was a massive turnout and we were privileged to hear from the venerable Uncle Greg who described what ‘recognition’ means to him using some powerful words.

CIO message Slack stats – talk about collaboration!

Have you met May Lam?

60 seconds with Matt Fuller

I was delighted that Executive Director, Business Services, Matt Fuller could also join us and present

IT recognition program kicks off at Town Hall Project of the Month – Knowledge Test System replacement Q and A with….Neelam Shankar

our first ever ‘Regular Thanks’ recognition awards to seven worthy recipients who went above and beyond their regular roles to live and breathe our five values outlined in our Transport IT Charter . Read more about our recipients on page three of this issue. You would have seen the results of our Executive Sentiment survey at yesterday’s Town Hall where most of you concurred in your analysis of our Branch’s performance across the business. We certainly have a lot of improving to do. Our Extended Technology Leadership Team will lead a piece of work that will include your important input to formulate a plan in response to the survey results, with an overarching view to execute a plan to improve our IT service delivery. We will survey the RMS Executive again in 12 months to seek feedback on the strides we have made.

Our recruitment process is continuing for Senior Service roles and as many of you know, we are starting to assemble our new Leadership Team with Director, Technology Business Management, May Lam joining us a fortnight ago.

It takes time to seek the right employees who fit our future business model, and I ask you to be patient during the recruitment process. Stay tuned for further recruitment announcements for Award employees in the coming months.

Last but not least, I would like to acknowledge the work done by many of you outside of business hours . Due to the nature of our work being carried out to provide minimal disruption to the business, we sometimes work on weekends to upgrade or implement technology across our vast IT infrastructure.

Have you met our Director, Technology Business Management, May Lam?

Thank you to all of you who go beyond the call of duty and work on these occasions. Your efforts certainly don’t go unnoticed.

Enjoy this edition of No Limits.

Rob Putter – Chief Information Officer

Slack stats – talk about collaboration!

Since we started using Slack in early June, we have:  295 Members  sent 40,293 messages  established 60 public channels  uploaded 758 files.

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