Core Solutions: Determining The Origins Of Pain



INSIDE: • Determining The Origin Of Your Pain • Sudoku Puzzle • What To Consider Before Heading Into Physiotherapy • Healthy Recipe

Relieving arthritis or joint pain may be easier than you think!The solutionmay be as simple as paying attention to what you are eating in order to avoid inflammatory foods that often lead to pain. What Inflammatory Foods Lead to Pain? Eating highly processed foods (such as pasta, bread and crackers—especially those containing gluten) creates inflammation inthebody.This inflammation then leads to the actual physical pain that youmay feel in your knees and joints since the joints are particularly vulnerable to inflammation.

Foods with gluten, trans fats, found in snack foods like chips and pastries, and high sugar, that handful of M&M’s from your coworkers desk, all cause inflammation. For many people, dairy products are also inflammatory. Eating these types of foods over a long period of time means more and more inflammation throughout the body and ultimately more pain. While changing your food sounds simple, many need more guidance and support, which is why a nutrition consultation, is often helpful. However, you can take our tips above and start alleviating your pain today!

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