Core Solutions: Determining The Origins Of Pain



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Sometimes it happens when a pain develops that you can immediately identify the cause. A new pair of shoes may cause a sharp pain in your heel, or an old chair at work may cause your back to grow sore and uncomfortable as time goes on. But there are other situations in which pain develops, and the cause of the pain is unclear. Different types of bodily pain can tell you different things about your body and overall bodily health. Sometimes, a pain in your arm or your leg may have little to nothing to do with an actual issue in your arm or leg.Physiotherapistsare likewell-traineddetectives when it comes to identifying the causes of pain. A physiotherapistknowsthewaythatthenervoussystem works, making it possible to identify the potential causes of pain, even if the pain is manifesting itself in an unusual or seemingly inexplicable way.

Whether you are suffering from pain in your head, your back, your neck or anywhere else in your body, working with a physiotherapist can help you find the relief you are looking for. Physiotherapists are trained in identifyingand treating thecauseofyourpain,giving you theopportunity toshiftawayfrom theongoinguse of pain medication and instead find relief from your painwithaseriesofstrategies that includestretching, muscle building and flexibility training. Understanding Your Pain When you meet with a physiotherapist to understand where your pain may be coming from, one of the first things you’ll do is have a conversation about your pain. How long you’ve been experiencing pain, where it developed and how the pain manifests itself are all very important distinctions that can help shed some light on what may be causing your discomfort.

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