NAWIC Today Jan. Feb.: Meet the Committees

Mission As a committee, we recognize the need to create, support and sustain an inclusive culture, where differences drive innovative solutions to meet the needs of our members. In this spirit, we are eager to serve our members through our pillars: Communication, Education, and CommUNITY Engagement. Vision A place of peace, safety, and support; surrounded by openness and inclusivity in which to grow, dream and simply be… DE&I Committee Look Ahead CommUNITY Engagement is our strategic focus for the DE&I Committee this year. UNITY is intentionally emphasized in community because we seek to strengthen our commitments to DE&I as a community internally and externally. We will enhance resources and tools to help grow our active allies and buildup our community to foster a greater belonging within all levels of NAWIC. Internally , in collaboration with our DE&I consultant, we will employ the concepts of R.A.I.N: recognize, allow, investigate, and nurture leadership gaps through training and other resources. Externally , we will build upon our 2021 industry partnership alignments to establish up to three formal agreements that will strengthen NAWIC’s leadership position in the AEC industry.


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