NAWIC Today Jan. Feb.: Meet the Committees

Empowering Emerging Professional Women Committee Core Purpose : Empowering emerging professional women in the construction industry to maximize their impact on the job. We aim to help chapters attract, retain, and bring value to the women who are new to NAWIC and/or the construction industry. We want to bridge the gap between seasoned members and new members by providing a mentorship program, event ideas, and other resources. Emerging professionals will benefit from learning and gaining guidance from existing NAWIC members. Likewise, the Emerging Professionals have a wealth of experiences, ideas, and abilities, which will benefit our organization as a whole. We want this group to be inclusive, as it will take all of us to support and engage our Emerging Professionals and help build the best possible future for NAWIC. On the EP Committee webpage, we have tons of information. There are resources for FAQ, Tips & Tricks, and the Mentor Program Handbook. Additionally, you can find a guide on hosting an employer appreciation dinner!


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