NAWIC Today Jan. Feb.: Meet the Committees

For the future of construction, culture is key All other things being equal—like pay, hours and the type of work—a company’s culture can often mean the difference between high turnover and open positions and an engaged and productive workforce. That’s because employees want to work at places that meet their needs as people, enable them to be themselves, and feel safe and welcoming.

The facts support this. According to a survey by Glassdoor:

Almost eight out of 10 people consider a company’s culture before applying for a job. Over half of respondents said that in the job satisfaction equation culture carries more weight than pay. And that research was done before the pandemic and the Great Resignation, which pushed culture further up the ladder of importance. Since then, employee expectations have intensified, and that likely won’t change for construction where there continues to be a deep and extended labor shortage. While other industries have slowed on hiring, construction companies are still increasing wages and sweetening benefits and perks to attract employees.


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