NAWIC Today Jan. Feb.: Meet the Committees

Andrea Ward, CBT Southeast Region Director

Our chapters are the arms of NAWIC, and the committees are the fingers doing the work behind the scenes growing our footprint within the industry. Committees are a way of getting likeminded women to be in a smaller group than the chapter they are a member of. The National and Regional Committees help get the chapter level committees more energy and ideas that they can use. They help them with goals to set that NAWIC National has for the year. The committees of a chapter take these goals and work on their own goals for the next year.

Each committee can be intertwined and work together to reach those goals. You can have a special speaker within your chapter that you advertise on social media and emailing blasts (marketing) that brings in guest and/or member (membership) because they have authored a terrific book on public speaking (PD&E) geared towards women who are just starting out in the industry (Emerging Professionals). The one committee that really goes across all the others is WIC Week. Within WIC Week, you can have meetings, trainings, safety, mixers, diversity, and many others. The idea of having committees in your chapters is not to overwhelm the chapter but give it additional support. The chapters don’t have to do all of them. They can pick the required three which is finance, membership, and PD&E to start out, and add marketing, strategic planning, and NEF programs later. Some chapters who have larger membership can have other committees, such as civic and community. The use of committees is to enhance the chapters. It is supposed to help members get out of their comfort zone and be a part of the chapter on a bigger level. In the process of doing that, you learn new features about the construction industry. You will definitely gain a friend or two. The brand of NAWIC will be seen and it will be here, but not in a pushy way, so that it draws women in. Through committees, you are paying it forward. Everyone has a quality that they can bring to the committee. Committees help foster these qualities and help women grow within the chapters. The best part is, while you are working on committees, you can also make business connections that help grow you and your company.


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