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Age-Old Question

What’s the Trick to Staying Fit as You Get Older?

achievements. These options also provide an opportunity for socialization — which studies cite as an important need for seniors, who are predisposed to depression due to isolation — and encourages joint and muscle movement and strength. Plus, what’s better than working out with a buddy? At least you can commiserate together!

Let’s face it: Aging can suck sometimes. Your eyesight is dwindling, you groan as you get out of bed, and every day there seem to be new pains somewhere in your body. Oh, if only you could be 30 again, right? But what if we told you that it doesn’t have to be this way? You can actually live a healthy, happy life and prevent injuries in your golden years just by staying active, strengthening your muscles, and working your joints. Try these tips for living an active lifestyle as a senior. Starting any physical routine can be tedious, but easing your way into an active lifestyle is easier when you slowly introduce yourself to it. Start by taking daily walks, joining a local walking group, or signing up for senior-focused fitness classes at your local community center. Find something that fits easily into your routine and dive into it. Set little goals for yourself, and as you complete each one, celebrate those Take It Easy

See a Therapist

If you are struggling with chronic knee problems, back pain, or a litany of other body pains, physical therapy can provide a noninvasive treatment option, without harmful injections, surgery, or painkillers. But your therapist can be a resource for your fitness routine, too! Think about it: They are the experts on your body and injuries, they have a wide knowledge base on physiology, and they are exercise experts. Your therapist will be able

to cater an exercise routine to your needs, and they can connect you to local resources for more information, classes, and groups. As with any physical activity, consult with a medical professional before beginning a new routine. At Madden Physical Therapy, our experts can provide you with tips and resources to get started. Start your fitness journey or ease your pain by calling 717.474.8754.

Patient Success Stories

“My experience at Madden Physical Therapy was awesome … productive with a friendly, knowledgeable staff! I initially came because of shoulder pain when lifting my arm and doing weight-bearing activities. After a few weeks of doing the prescribed exercises and experiencing the manipulations, I am happy to say that I am pain-free doing all regular activities. Every appointment experience was positive — a definite plus.” –Bonnie K.

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