2021-22 Child Care Parent Handbook

Safety Drills  Fire Drills : Fire Drills are conducted monthly at various times. Use of multiple egress strategies are practiced so that children learn alternate exit routes for safe evacuation.  Shelter-in-Place : Shelter-in-Place drills are conducted in the event of an emergency that requires indoor safety such as a severe weather condition.  Lockdown : A Lockdown is put into action when a person, near or in the building, poses a threat to the safety of children and staff. Lockdown drills consist of evacuation when possible, or hiding quietly in a locked room away from windows and doors. Police, HHH, and REACH CYA administration will be alerted.  Notification of Shelter-in-Place and Lockdown Drills will be posted at the program. Emergency Relocation Information If an emergency arises during our program and relocation is necessary, the HHH transportation department will transport our children to a safe location within the district. Location #1: Fran Greenspan Administration Center, 525 Half Hollow Rd, Dix Hills Location #2 : HHH High School West, 375 Wolf Hill Road, Dix Hills

Emergency Closings

Check www.hhh.k12.ny.us or www.reachcya.org for closings.

Child care programs follow the district calendar.  SCHOOL CLOSURES - If the school district is closed, REACH CYA Before and After School Programs are cancelled.  DELAYED OPENING – In the event of a delayed opening the Before School Program will be cancelled.  EARLY DISMISSAL - In case of an early dismissal the After School Program will be cancelled.  EMERGENCY or HAZARDOUS WEATHER – In the event of unsafe situations REACH CYA reserves the right to close the After School Program early or cancel the program.  Parents must have alternate arrangements in place in case of emergency closings. We encourage you to use these arrangements whenever conditions are hazardous. If weather conditions worsen during the afternoon, we may insist that parents use these alternate arrangements to ensure the safety of the children.

 Parents are required to keep all work and emergency numbers current.  PARENT NOTIFICATION – Parents will be notified by TEXT and EMAIL only .

 One text will be sent to each parent/guardian on file.  You will not be able to reply to the text message.  Email notifications will also be sent.

 SCHOOL ANNOUNCEMENTS – If your school announces: “All After School Activities are Cancelled” this does not include the REACH CYA Child Care Program. We will contact you directly if our program closes.


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