2021-22 Child Care Parent Handbook

After School Schedule Changes Additional Penalty Fees apply after 12pm  Consistent Schedule: You will be asked to provide us with your child’s schedule. You will be billed at the discounted Consistent Schedule Daily Fee rate. A Consistent Schedule means that your child will attend the program the same day every week, from 1 to 5 days per week. A Consistent Schedule must be maintained to qualify for the discounted fee.  Cancellation Fee: If you cancel a scheduled day, you are responsible for a Cancellation Fee - even if you notify us before 12:00pm. (See Fees page 11)  All other changes to your chil d’s schedule must be received by 12:00pm.  Adding an unscheduled day is subject to space availability and there is no guarantee that a spot will be available for your child. You must call the office to check on availability.  Permanent changes must be submitted one week in advance to avoid Cancellation Fees. Permanent changes must be sent by email, and are subject to space availability. You will receive a confirmation of your child’s new schedule for your final approval.  Emergency Use: You may use the program on an as-needed basis if space allows. You will be billed the Emergency Use Daily Fee rate. Families who register for Emergency Use will be billed a Monthly Access Fee in addition to the Daily Fee.  You may call the office starting at 9:00am every Monday to see if space exists for the current week only. If there are no open spots you will be added to a Wait List and notified of availability in order of your call. You must follow 12:00pm deadline to avoid additional penalty fees.  Cancellation Fee: If you cancel a scheduled day, you are responsible for a Cancellation Fee – even if you notify us before 12:00pm. (See Fees page 11)  All After School Families must notify both the REACH CYA office and your school:  When your child will not attend the program on a scheduled day. This includes absences, early pick-up, clubs, scouts, and other school activities.  When your child will attend the program on an unscheduled day.  When your child is attending an after-school club or activity and will be arriving late . (Full daily fee will apply.)  When a scheduled after-school activity has ended or is cancelled. To request a Schedule Change for After School Program:  To cancel a scheduled day or to notify us that your child will be arriving late, use our ONLINE SCHEDULE CHANGE FORM located at www.reachcya.org , or call the REACH CYA office 631-549-9417. (Please note cancellation fees.)  To add an unscheduled day or make changes to your child’s schedule, c all the REACH CYA office prior to 12:00PM, 631-549-9417.  To make a permanent schedule change, please send email to info@reachcya.org  Emails will not be accepted to make daily schedule changes.  Children will be accepted on unscheduled days only if space allows.  Our Online Schedule Change Form is not available 12-3:30pm.


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