2021-22 Child Care Parent Handbook

Supervision  Our programs maintain a minimum staff to student ratio of one adult for every ten children.  REACH CYA staff members are dedicated individuals who enjoy working with children. All staff undergo an extensive background check and meet or exceed all requirements set by NYS OCFS.  REACH CYA Administrators and Program Site Supervisors oversee the program. In addition, OCFS inspectors visit the programs regularly.  As mandated reporters, staff is required to report any suspicion of abuse or neglect.  Jill Lubeck, School Age Child Care Director, supervises the program staff. Financial Assistance Financial assistance for child care may be available through Suffolk County Department of Social Services. Call 631-854-3349 or 631-854-9407 for more information and request an Application for Child Care Subsidy . Health & Safety  REACH CYA adheres to school district, Department of Health, and CDC (Center for Disease Control) COVID-19 guidelines and protocols.  In accordance with OCFS regulations, parents are responsible to implement immediate pick- up arrangements in the event their child is sick. This includes signs and symptoms of fever, vomiting, rash or other infectious illness. Parents will be notified immediately in the event of an illness or serious injury. Please notify us if your child is contagious.  REACH CYA is licensed to administer emergency medication only. This includes: Epinephrine Injection devices; Diphenhydramine (Benadryl or Generic) when accompanied by an Epinephrine Injector (Diphenhydramine cannot be accepted without an Epinephrine Injector); Inhaler; and Nebulizer. A Written Medication Consent Form, Individual Health Care Plan and Individual Allergy/Anaphylaxis Plan must be completed by parent and physician and submitted prior to your child starting the program. Expired medication must be replaced immediately. Child cannot attend until medication is replaced. If a child has an allergy but emergency medication is not required to be on site Form 1A is also required.  It is important for parents to inform REACH CYA of any special health, behavioral or developmental needs their child may have. Detailed information must be provided on the Medical, Behavioral or Developmental Needs form in the registration packet. An Individual Health Care Plan is required to help meet a child’s needs. Allergies & Food Restrictions  All foods in our program are peanut and tree nut-free and from facilities that do not process nut products. We also provide options for children with food restrictions. Complete snack lists are available.  Outside food is not permitted in the program unless it is for a medical reason. Nut-free snacks may be sent from home when a child has medical dietary restrictions that are confirmed by a physician’s written statement, with approval by the REACH CYA Child Care Director.


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