2021-22 Child Care Parent Handbook

Behavior Management Behavior guidelines have been developed to help children acquire and improve self-control and to learn techniques to resolve conflicts peacefully through positive guidance and communication. REACH CYA rules are posted and are reviewed with the children. In addition, a Student Behavior Agreement is required to be signed by each parent and child upon enrollment. REACH CYA staff is trained to guide children in becoming responsible for their own actions and to help them grow in respect for the rights and feelings of others. When conflicts develop, the staff will listen to what each child has to say and help resolve the conflict through effective communication. In some instances, children may be removed from one activity and redirected to another. Older children may be asked to complete a Student Report Form (to explain their actions and what s/he will do in the future) to be reviewed and discussed with the Program Supervisor. In the event of inappropriate behavior a parent may be asked to pick up their child from the program. If behavior continues after steps have been taken to facilitate improvement, a suspension followed by exclusion from the program will occur if deemed necessary for the safety and well-being of the children and staff.  REACH CYA reserves the right to suspend a child from the program at any time based on the severity of their behavior. Such behaviors may include:  Purposeful harm to others  Threats of violence  Any instances of bullying  Persistent use of bad language  Rude or socially unacceptable behavior, drawings, writings  Disregard of staff direction and guidance  Verbal harassment of peers or staff  Unauthorized departure from assigned child care space

 REACH CYA complies with the Half Hollow Hills Code of Conduct and reports serious behaviors to the school administration.

 Parents are encouraged to support REACH CYA’s efforts to ensure appropriate behavior. If an issue occurs between children, parents must speak with REACH CYA staff and will not be permitted to approach other children in the program.


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