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Discovered ! The Secret of Caruso’s Amazing Vocal Power

T HIS IS AN AGE OF MARVELS. Wonderful scientific discov­ eries have changed our mode of living and our mode of thinking. One discovery of tremendous benefit to all humanity is the discovery of the principle o f voice control by Eugene Feuchtinger, A. M. H is resulting system of voice developm ent revolutionized old methods, and changes voice developm ent from a little understood art to an exact science. More than that, it brings a Perfect Voice w ithin the reach of every man and every woman who desires a stronger, richer voice for either singing or speaking. Prof. Feuchtinger’s method is founded on the discovery th at the Hyo-G lossus muscle controls the voice; th at a strong, beautiful voice, with great range, is due to a well developed Hyo-G lossus—while a weak or a rasping voice is due to under­ developm ent of this vital vocal muscle. A post-mortem exam ination of Caruso’s throat showed a superb developm ent of his Hyo-Glossi muscles. B ut it required years of training under the old method to produce this development. You can develop your Hyo-G lossus in a much shorter time by Prof. Feuchtinger’s wonderful scientific method. You can take this training under the direction of the Professor himself, wherever you may live. And the cost is so low th at it is w ithin the reach of every ambitious m an or woman.

"The Songbird ofth e ages,” Enrico Caruso. The richness, the fullness, the beauty and th e as- founding pow er ofhis voice w as due to the excep­ tional development of his Hyo-Glossus muscle. 100%Improvement in Your Y oice—Çuaranteed

You Do Not Know Your Real Voice Until you have tried the Feuchtinger sys­ tem , you cannot know the possibilities of your vocal gifts. Physical Voice Cul­ ture PRODUCES as well as D EV E L ­ OPS the true voice. It corrects all strain and falsetto and makes clear the won­ derful fact th at any normal person can develop a fine voice if correctly trained. T h o u s a n d s of d e lig h te d graduates testify to this — m any of them great vocal successes who, before com ing to Professor Feuchtinger, sang very poor­ ly or not at all. Among P r o f e s s o r Feuchtinger’s pupils are grand opera stars, concert singers, speakers, preach­ ers, actors and educators. FREE! TheWonderful New Book "Physical Voice Culture** Send the coupon below and w e w ill send you FR EE th is valuable w ork on voice cul­ ture. Do not hesitate to ask. Professor Feuchtinger is glad to have us give you this book, and you assum e no obligation w h at­ ever by sending for it. You will do yourself a great and lasting good by studying this book. It m ay be the first step in your career. Do not delay. Send the coupon TODAY! Perfect Voice Institute 1922 Sunnyside A ve., Studio 53*18, Chicago

Professor FeuchtingePs method is far simpler, far more rapid, far more certain in results than the tedious, hap hazard m ethods of ordinary vocal instructors. H is u n q u a lif ie d success w ith thou­ sands of pupils proves the infallibility of his method. Under his direction, your voice will be made rich, full and vibrant. Its over­ tones will be greatly multiplied. You will add m any notes to its range and have them clear, limpid and alluring. You will have a voice that is rolling and c o m p e llin g and so strong and magnetic that it will be the marvel of your associates. Professor Feuchtinger ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEES an improvem ent of 100 p ercen t—a REDOU B LEM EN T of your voice! If you are not absolutely satisfied that your voice is doubled in volume and quality, your money will be refunded. You are the only judge. Perfect Voice Institute 1922 Sunnyside Ave., Studio 53-18,Chicago, 111. Dear Prof. Feuchtinger; Will you please send me a copy of your new free book Physical Voice Cul­ ture”. I understand that this book is free and there >8no obligation on my part. I am interested in □ Singing □ Speaking C Stammering □ WeakVoice Name __ _____ ____ __ ____

Eugene Feuchtinger, m usician-scientist, who discovered the function of Hyo-Glossus in voice production, and w hose famous "Perfect Voice” system has developed thousands of voices.

D iagram of the Norm al T hroat showing the Complete Vocal M echanism. Y our th ro at looks like this. So did th e th ro at of the great Caruso. Professor Feuchtinger’s system of silent, scien­ tific exercises will develop your vocal organ to its full strength.


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