Alaska's Northern Lights - 2018

was even more well- hidden but true photographers are never deterred from trying. See Kay's picture of this lovely creature!

When the skies darkened, we were all optimistic about the night show! We had all familiarized ourselves with the steep paths through the snowbanks that we would be negotiating in the dark when we were awakened to make our way down the hillside. Flashlights would be helpful but no photographer wanted to see those lights flashing into his camera lens, so care had to be taken to use that

light appropriately. After our tasty supper, we went to bed filled with visions of dancing green lights in our heads. SURPRISE! We slept through the whole night. Gordon and Cathy had been on the alert every hour to see if the aurora would reveal itself. No such luck for us first-timers! The next day we spent some time in seeing some of Gordon & Cathy's super pictures of their travels through the world. Then some of the guests had brought examples of their own work because Gordon had said he would be glad to give pointers about improving shots if we wanted to hear his ideas. Several folks did and we all liked seeing those as well. Kay showed her pictures of our recent gorilla trekking in Rwanda and they were well-received as were our stories about the experience!

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