Alaska's Northern Lights - 2018

Another night and more hope!? We went to bed early with optimism. And sure enough, Gordon knocked on our door to invite us out for the show around 10:30 p.m. Struggling into our cumbersome and heavy winter gear, we stumbled out with flashlights and cameras and tripods. Making our way down the steep hillside timorously, we reached the first area Gordon suggested for viewing. Well, then he tells us that what we will be seeing is what is called a "basic" aurora. No dancing lights, no light-filled sky.

Instead, what did we see with the naked eye? A band of white light along the horizon just above the tree-tops. Some light pollution from Fairbanks was also visible to our left. Only when we looked at the scene thru the camera lens did we see the broad band of green light with a narrower band of maroon light above that. Stars were bright and seemed maybe a bit more exciting than the glowing static bands.

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