Alaska's Northern Lights - 2018

There were two activities offered that included the sled dogs: a tour of the kennels with "meet & greets" with individual dogs and a dog sled ride. While we visited the kennel area a couple of times and got to pet a few dogs near the roadway, we opted not for the kennel tour but for the dog sled experience. Our time was 11:30 and we were prompt. We were surprised to find the three of us joined by a young man not in our group. However, it all turned out just fine. The 12-dog team that pulled us along through the woods for 15 minutes managed our weights quite easily. The snowy trail showed us the "paths" carved by the Chena River through the environment because the water is hot due to the contributions of the several hot springs that feed into it on the property. Those open spots made for picturesque scenes with steam

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