Alaska's Northern Lights - 2018

However, the cold kept creeping into our shoes and gloves and our toes and hands were freezing even though we had hand & foot warmers in place. They failed us completely. When we reluctantly left the scene and came inside, we discovered that those "warmers" were almost as cold as our digits. After they sat for a few minutes in the hotel room, they began to regain their heat! But what good was that! Such a disappointment with those pieces of cold weather gear! However, not even cold hands and feet could ruin our marvelous evening of dazzling sky lights! It was glorious!

The ironic thing about our "good" night of aurora concerns the methods of predicting such shows. In the Activity Center the daily weather report and aurora chances were written on a prominent blackboard. According to the sunspot activity report Saturday night was to give us our best chance. However, on Friday (our wonderful sky

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