Alaska's Northern Lights - 2018

There was a 10-slot ice slide for the children and parents which was being much enjoyed by all. No still pictures here – but visit Kay’s video site for the action shots. Again, the intense cold drove us back to the van for the ride home to the motel and our last goodbyes to Gordon, Cathy and our fellow travelers. Because our return flights started late on Monday (not until 5:40 p.m.), we had a day to spend in the city. We had read about a visitor center in a Fairbanks brochure and decided that sounded like an intriguing place to spend a couple of hours. We got a cab (lady driver who talked non- stop all the way) to take us into downtown to the Morris Thompson Visitor Center. Again, we were surprised at all the snow piled high along the roadways. Our driver said that problems will become more obvious during snow melt when the streets will flood. There has been nowhere to put all the snow that has fallen on Fairbanks this year since there has been a record amount.

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