Alaska's Northern Lights - 2018

legs home, we would be in a world of anxiety and big flight-switching charges. He looked sorrowfully at us and his truck and said he would love to help us but his truck was just too full of his equipment. We thanked him for his thoughtfulness and kept on fretting. Becoming more desperate and more "nervy," we asked him again if he could possibly take us to the airport (actually a very short ride) if we could cram ourselves into his panel truck. Again, he looked dubious but then began to see what gear he could unpack and leave temporarily at Sthe motel. Then he showed Betsy the space he had made and asked if she could ride there in the back among the stuff. With a big grateful grin, Betsy hopped right in. Then he told Kay and I that we would have to share the one front passenger seat & we assured him we would make that squeeze work. And we did. So we drove off towards the airport and then saw two different cabs arriving at the motel. Oh well! They were late and they lost our fare. When Mr. Ellis let us out at the airport terminal, Betsy offered him some reimbursement but he politely refused and wished us a safe flight and happy arrival home. We told him to look us up in Jacksonville when he next visited his family in Milton (not that far from our home)! Hooray and many thanks to that gallant rescuer of 3 Florida damsels in distress. A perfect end to our Alaska photo trip and our Northern Lights Nights (and Days)! The flights home started in daylight so we could enjoy a look at the vastness of Alaska and marvel at the sunset. It is indeed a marvelous land of vast wilderness and grandeur. But the cold is not to be endured by one born and raised in the sunshine of South Florida!

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