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NOW IS THE TIME FOR RESOLUTIONS What Will Be Your Resolutions In 2018?

IN 2018 I WILL...

1. Be purposeful in everything you do. Strive for purpose in your daily activities. Doyou justeat lunchordoyouenrich relationships whileyoueat? Whatpurposedo those twositcoms serve you every night? What is the purpose of eating that bag of chips? More importantly, what types of consequences await you now that you’ve indulged? Be purposeful in everything you do. Walk with purpose and people are more likely to respect your time. 2. Resolve not to be mediocre, even in how you eat. Use the freshnessof thenewyearasanexcuse for avoidingmediocrity.Thiscanbeachallenging task because industry markets products and services to the lowest common denominator. Junk food is marketed to the lowest common denominator. Fast food, for example, is produced cheaply and sold cheaply. Sitcom television is geared toward the masses. The people who produce sitcoms even provide a laugh track so that you’ll know when most people laugh. Give yourself an upgrade. Resolve to distance yourself from average.

3. Schedule exercise and stretching. Exercise is more effective when it is regular and systematic. It can be difficult to schedule exercise unless time ispre-committed. Ifyouneedhelpwith exercise or if you have pain that is holding you back, contact us at Bridle Trails Physical Therapy and we can help you meet this resolution. 4. Mend fences and help others resolve issues. Call, or better yet, visit the person with whom you want to make peace. Use this exact wording: “I feel bad about what’s happened between us and want to take responsibility for everything. I’m sorry about the past and I’m going to be a better person for you in the future.” Whether the other party accepts your apology, rebuffs you or otherwise tries to continue the conversation, do not pursue the topic. Allow them to respond, then gracefully end the meeting or phone call. Give the person time to think about what you said.

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