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roperty management is a term that has evolved to take on a whole new Lopez serves as managing senior VP of Asset Services Transwestern’sAsset Svcs. teams deliver a higher level of service P

Lakeland Bank How to Protect Your Identity on Social Media

Social networks have nor- malized sharing at a whole new level. People aremore con- nected than ever in a shared online environment where information is in constant cir- culation. The downside of this is a greater risk that informa- tion can be misused by fraud- sters who search the internet for data that may be valuable for their schemes. Here are three simple practices to keep personal information out of the wrong hands and reduce the risk of identity theft. 1. Limit the Information Shared. Social media serves as a platform to highlight who someone is and where they are for the world to see. We live in a world where posting about daily whereabouts and happenings isn’t anything out of the ordinary. When it comes to sharing information that could be misused - such as a birthday, city of residence, workplace, phone number, etc. - it is better to be extra cautious. When possible, limit this information altogether or at least verify that secu- rity settings are in place to ensure sensitive information is only visible to those who have established a personal connection. For those who choose to share these types of details about themselves online, remember it’s ok to be vague. Instead of sharing your birthdate, give the month and day. Instead of publishing the city of residence to a profile, generalize by the region in- stead (i.e. Greater New York City Area). When it comes to posting daily, always be mindful of the information onlookers may be able to gather. Be cautious before sharing im- ages and ensure there are no sensitive details in the back- ground that may have been overlooked such as a landmark that showcases the location or a piece of mail with sensitive information displayed. Simi- larly, users should be careful when checking in at or tagging a location on a post. It can be fun to share our exciting travels, but this can create a vulnerability back at home and cause a potential break- in if the wrong person obtains this information. 2. Know Your Personal Connections. It’s not uncommon to receive a friend or connection request from a complete stranger. The

actions that follow can make all the difference. If the name doesn’t sound familiar, their picture doesn’t look familiar, and there aren’t many mu- tual connections or friends, it’s wise to decline the invite. While security settings can help build a barrier against displaying information to the masses, the barrier can be compromised when strangers are allowed in. A social media friend, follower, or connection count should come second to personal security. There’s no harm in being selective with requests and sifting through audience lists to remove any- one who may no longer be welcome. 3. Be Password-Savvy. Never underestimate the power of a strong password. Passwords that utilize a com- bination of letters, numbers, special characters, and are different among social media logins are simple ways to ensure accounts are secure. It’s also smart to change pass- words regularly. Set a phone or calendar reminder to help keep your passwords updated. Passwords should be treated as carefully as PINs and Social Security Numbers. It’s impor- tant that they aren’t written down where they could be eas- ily accessed or stolen. When possible, it is also beneficial to take advantage of two-factor authentication. This setting provides an additional layer of protection since it requires two ways to verify that the true account owner is attempting to log into a social network- ing site. Taking the proper precau- tions to protect personal infor- mation is a must. If you think your social media account has been hacked, the password should be changed immedi- ately and prompt a widespread logout from all devices. And, if you suspect that you are a victim of identity theft, take action quickly. Important re- mediation steps include: • Filing a police report • Filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission • Contacting the three credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) to freeze your credit Visit our Simply Speaking Blog for more information about protecting yourself from identity theft. Lakeland Bank is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Lakeland Bancorp, Inc. 

What we know for certain is that it takes incentives that go beyond economic rewards to make this happen. Employees seek work-life balance and, in fact, will work harder and be more available when provided flexibility. Employees also yearn to be part of something bigger, where their attributes are recognized and rewarded. Company awards and recogni- tion programs have grown in popularity, yet it goes beyond that. Teams need to feel a sense of connection to each oth- er, the asset and tenants they serve, and of course their cli- ent, so that work is not simply a job but rather a place where individuals are empowered to make a difference. With the right people in place, the ability to form criti- cal relationships with the client, tenants and even the community can be cultivated and used to enhance the ten- ant experience and overall as- set performance. The more an Asset Services team can bring value to the tenant – for exam- ple, by hosting events with city leaders, working closely with the municipality, or providing guidance to resolve issues that fall within a tenant’s realm of responsibility at their building – the more likely the tenant will feel a sense of connectiv- ity to the asset. Long-term

retention of tenants is due in large part to the experience they have each and every day they come to work. Successful Asset Services teams learn the requirements of each ten- ant, make sure to evaluate and re-evaluate often, and understand the importance of this relationship. Additionally, fostering connections among the various tenants within an asset can also boost satisfac- tion and retention rates. Trends in this industry will continue to evolve, amenitiza- tion will continue to have a sig- nificant impact on a company’s decision to locate in a building, and overall location consider- ations such as transportation availability will continue to be evaluated. However, what will not change, and what will serve as the foundation of future success, is how As- set Services teams are built to excel. This includes how they cultivate and maintain strong relationships while creating a memorable experience every time someone walks into the building. Andi Lopez serves as man- aging senior vice president of Asset Services, overseeing all aspects of property manage- ment, engineering, operations, construction, budgeting and accounting/reporting services in Florida.  office campus comprised of 24 one-story buildings. Located at 1930 Marlton Pike East, Executive Mews was built on 10 acres in 1980. The property features ample parking and both Comcast and Verizon Fios internet connectivity. The grounds boast lush land- scaping, benches, courtyards and water features as well as on-site property management. Situated in the heart of the Rte. 70 corridor, the complex is just minutes from Exit 34 of I-295, Rte. 73 and Exit 4 of the New Jersey Tpke. “Whether you are starting or growing your business, Executive Mews provides a professional environment, as well as the flexibility to meet the changing needs of busi- nesses,” added Kronfeld. “We look forward to bringing more tenants to this prestigious Cherry Hill location, and ul- timately bring the campus to 100% occupancy,” she added. 

m e a n i n g , reflected in the broader name of As- set Services. Wh a t wa s once viewed as a profes- sion in which a team was

Andi Lopez

put in place to care for a build- ing (i.e., what took place in and outside four walls) is now a profession where the team’s contributions, relationships, knowledge and leadership drive value enhancement. And while many teams can check the boxes required of any prop- erty management firm, the ability to go above and beyond is determined by the people that are put in place. Specifically, this means how you attract, retain and reward your team. A great deal of research, time and energy has been devoted to the wants and needs of the current workforce, and guidance on how to best build a team has flooded the media. Although fascination with the millennial generation seems to have subsided, that discussion has forever changed the conversation among em- ployers and managers on how to build the best teams.

NAI Mertz’s Ting &Kronfeld closes 23,366 s/f of leases at Executive Mews at Cherry Hill

International, LLC., Union Building Corporation, and In- ternal Harmony. Montco Met-

CHERRY HILL, NJ — NAI Mertz announced Re- becca Ting, SIOR , senior vice

als and Adel- p h i a Me t - a l s , I n c . , S e a b r o o k House, Inc., Ch a r l e s J R i c c i a r d i , D.D.S, Back to Life Well- ness and Re-

p r e s i d e n t , and Ju l i e Kr on f e l d , SIOR , vice president, re- cently closed/ renewed sev- e r a l l e a s e transactions totaling over

Rebecca Ting

Julie Kronfeld

habilitation, LLC and Pans Acupuncture and Herbs, LLC continue to operate their busi- nesses at Executive Mews with the renewal of their leases. “This office campus satisfies a niche in our market,” said Ting. “We have worked very diligently with the building owner to add to the exciting tenant mix, and to help find the right office space to meet the business needs of these great companies,” she added. Executive Mews at Cherry Hill, is a 112,378 s/f executive

23,366 s/f within Executive Mews at Cherry Hill. Since January of this year the NAI Mertz team has served as ex- clusive leasing and marketing agents at the executive office complex located at 1930 East Marlton Pike in Cherry Hill, NJ. Ting and Kronfeld repre- sented both the building owner, Pine Tree Plaza, LLC and the tenants in these transactions. Tenants who will now call Executive Mews home include Adler Designs Inc., Tran & Tran Law Firm, LLC., Fasta

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