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Health & Wellness The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body


No matter what type of physical activity you partake in, it is possible for injuries to occur. Whether you enjoy taking walks at night, playing sports on the weekends, or training for athletic trials throughout the week, it is important to make sure you are always being as safe as possible. Perhaps the most common injury that people endure from physical activity is an overall feeling of soreness, caused by overusing the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. When the muscles, tendons, or ligaments are over-stretched, the tissues experience minor damage in the form of microscopic tears. This typically occurs when completing an exercise that the body is not used to, or exercising for the first time after a prolonged period of rest. The soreness may linger for a few days but usually goes away on its own. However, the severity of the damage determines how long the body will need to recover. For more information on how you can prevent severe injuries, contact Eastern Shore Physical Therapy today. At Eastern Shore Physical Therapy, our licensed physical therapists can guide you through proper exercises, stretches, movements, and body control, in order to prevent future injuries from occurring. Many injuries occur due to improper techniques or overexerting your body. Some of the most commonly sustained injuries include sprains, strains, and tendinitis. Many people think “sprains” and “strains” are synonymous; however, they have one distinct difference. Sprains occur when a ligament is stretched WHAT ARE SOME COMMON INJURIES?

beyond its limits or torn, while strains occur when a tendon is stretched beyond its limits or torn. Tendons are tissues that connect muscles to bones, and ligaments are tissues that connect bones to one another. Sprains and strains can both range from mild to severe, and even mild ones may take up to 6 weeks to heal. When they become more severe, braces or surgical correction may be necessary. This will require a longer recovery time, up to 8 weeks or longer, and physical therapy treatments will likely be prescribed. It is important to note that it is in your best interest to have a physical therapist make sure a sprain or strain is fully healed before returning to your normal level of physical activity, as it is common for old sprains and strains to develop again in the future if they have not been properly rehabilitated. Tendinitis isanoveruse injury thatcauses the tendons tobecome inflamed. There are several reasons why tendinitis may occur, but whatever the case may be, we know that it has developed as a result of unnecessary amounts of strain. For example, some people may develop tendinitis in their shoulders or elbows because of improper posture. If the neck and back are not properly aligned, unnecessary stress is placed on other parts of the body. Movements in the shoulders and arms are altered as a way to compensate, causing increased strain on the tendons. Tendinitis can be corrected with physical therapy treatments, since PTs are trained in relieving pain, decreasing inflammation, and restoring you to your normal posture, motion, and function.



While it is always a wise decision to consult with a physical therapist, there are some tips you can implement into your personal life as well, in order to decrease your risk of sustaining an injury. These include: • Stretching. This is one of the most important ways to prevent injuries. Your tissues require water in order to be elastic, and stretching helps to bring water into the tissues. This increases muscle flexibility and prevents them from becoming stiff or tight, thus decreasing the chances of them over-stretching and/or tearing. • Hydrating and eating nutritious meals. Did you know that your body is over 70% water? Because of this, it requires water in order to remain supple and function properly. Without adequate water and nutrition, your body’s tissues are more prone to over-stretching and injury. Make sure you drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day, and always keep a water bottle with you when you are working out. If needed, you can also replenish your electrolytes with sports drinks, such as Gatorade. • Staying within your abilities. It is important to train and practice for any physical activity you’d like to try. Start small in the beginning and build up from there. For example, if you aren’t used to running but you’d like to complete a 5k, don’t start off with 3-mile runs. Begin with a half mile and slowly build up. When you push your body past its current limits, you make yourself more prone to injuries because your body is not prepared for the physical demands being asked of it. A physical therapist can help you understand the limits of your body and can create an exercise plan for you to reach your physical goals.

• Using the proper equipment. When engaging in any type of physica activity, it is important to make sure you have the right equipment. Fo example, running shoes, hiking boots, helmets, and more can help yo avoid injury and stay safe while doing the activities you enjoy. They ca make all the difference when it comes to preventing injuries.


If you are suffering from aches and pains, you think you may have sustaine an injury, or you’d like to learn more about injury prevention, contact Easter Shore Physical Therapy today. One of our dedicated physical therapist would be happy to meet with you for a consultation and discuss how ou different programs can help you remain active and pain-free!


Healthy Detox Recipe

Miracle Red Juice

INGREDIENTS • 2 large beets • 4 long carrots • 2 apples • 6 celery stalks • 2 limes or lemons • 2 inches of ginger


• Eyes • Liver • Spleen • Kidneys • Pancreas • Digestive Tract

INSTRUCTIONS Prepare beets, carrots, apples, celery, limes (or lemons) and ginger by chopping into smaller pieces before placing into a juicer. As the skin of a beet is packed with antioxidants and nutrients, it is recommended to leave the skin on the beet. Do not peel the ginger, which you will add to taste as ginger can be spicy. After all ingredients are added to the juicer, blend until juiced and smooth. Miracle Red Juice can be absorbed more easily on an empty stomach. Drink one glass every other day or as needed.

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Staff Spotlight

In the summer of 2017, Tina and her husband moved to Ocean City, MD from Newport KY. After traveling back and forth from London, England to the States for many years, she finally moved here permanently in March 2011. In May 2011, she married her husband Billy, a New Yorker, whom she met in NYC in 2001. Tina da Silva-Canary Front Office

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Prior to working at ESPT, Tina worked at AGH as a Registration Specialist in the ER and Outpatients Department. Tina has a Degree in Business Computers and Photography. While working at her local Council in Drug Action Team and Regeneration Departments, an actor friend of hers asked her if she would take his portfolio photos. As word spread and while juggling the two jobs, she eventually quit her day job to concentrate solely only on her Photography Business. While at school, Tina played Netball and captained the first team. At her local sports club, she played football (soccer) and softball, where she got picked for the All Star team She is an avid reader, enjoys watching movies and British shows. She has travelled all over the world and has lived and worked in various countries. Being a life-long fan, she is very passionate about watching ‘proper football’, Liverpool FC.

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