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Cybercriminals have reached a point of glorification as more people find something “cool” about their mischievous behavior. But there’s nothing admirable about the hurt they cause, both to individuals and businesses. Hackers will try any tactic to steal information, and it often doesn’t take much effort to get what they’re after. It’s important to be wary of how they may infiltrate your network. SOFT SECURITY Cybercriminals often go after small businesses because they expect them to have less security than larger businesses. Unfortunately, many small businesses don’t invest in the minimum security needed, and if they do, it’s still an easy system for hackers to break into. They work their way past the security system, decide if they want to steal or destroy data, install malware on multiple computers, and simply wait until the business has no option but to pay the ransom placed on their data. With so many small businesses to choose from, hackers continue to target them because they’re more likely to receive the ransom they’re after. WORK SMART, NOT HARD Some cybercriminals don’t need to be computer hacking experts to gain access to information. That’s because without the proper training or protocols in place, employees of the company they’re targeting will often do the legwork for them. All it takes is a phishing email with links or files attached that install malware on the user’s computer when clicked. Getting started is simple: All the hacker needs is a company email list and to send one phony mass email to the entire staff. When they cast a wide net, they’re that much more likely to trick someone. When that phishing link is clicked, the entire business is in jeopardy as the hacker gains access to networks and data. How Hackers Might Access Your Network

OUTDATED OPERATIONS You may have put the most effective security system in place when you first started your business, but if you haven’t updated it recently, you’re open to hacking. Cybercriminals count on businesses to be lazy about keeping up with malware protection, so they spend a lot of their time looking for vulnerabilities in your system, whether they’re in hardware or software. Updating your physical equipment is just as important as updating the software installed on that equipment because technology is always advancing and upgrading to fight against its own weak spots. Many developers and manufacturers will provide their updated software to your company, but it’s only useful if the equipment it’s installed into can actually support it. If not, hackers can easily exploit these flawed spots and take advantage of that access. PASSWORD PROS Many sites and types of software have strict minimum password guidelines to meet in order to give accounts the most protection. While these can be a pain to conjure, doing so is worth the time. That’s because many cybercriminals have password-cracking software specifically designed to decipher passwords. The weaker the password, the easier it is to figure out. Sometimes it can take as little as a few seconds to gain access to one password. Once hackers gain access to one account, it’s not long before they find avenues to access the entire business. Having complex passwords is a great start, but it’s still important to change them at least every three months so hackers don’t have a chance to catch up. If you keep these tactics in mind when setting up your security systems, you’ll be doing everything you can to protect yourself against cybercriminals. Once your systems are in place, continue to be aware of your daily operations, and never underestimate the creativity of a motivated hacker. –Byron Adams

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GOING INCOGNITO The Pros and Cons of Private Browsing

They say that nothing is truly anonymous on the internet. While this may be the case, there are ways to make your digital footprint stand out a little less. Browsing online in incognito mode, also called private browsing, has many benefits. But like with any technology, you should be aware of the limits to what it can do. THE PROS Incognito mode allows you to keep some of your online activity private from other users. It will erase your browsing and search histories and toss out any tracking cookies you pick up. This is especially useful for keeping private information like passwords away from prying eyes. No browsing history also means ultimate privacy from anyone you share your computer with. A bonus tip is to use private browsing to outsmart sites that ask you to pay in order to see more than a few samples of their content. In incognito mode, no recorded cookies mean you’re a fresh user to these paywalls every time.

THE CONS While private browsing is a quick and easy way to hide history and clear cookies, it’s not meant to keep you completely anonymous. Any webpage you visit will still recognize your IP address, and online snoops could still track what you’re doing via the internet if they really wanted to. It’s also important to remember that any add-ons or plug-ins you have installed may still be storing information about your internet browsing. If you want to be completely anonymous, you’ll need to connect to a virtual private network. But that’s a lesson for a different newsletter. There are many useful ways to implement incognito mode as you utilize your computer and the internet. If you frequent public computers or have a shared computer at home, browse incognito so others can’t access your personal information through backtracking. Just explore your browser’s settings to see how easy it is to go incognito. It’s the perfect way to shop online for Christmas gifts and keep your loved ones surprised. NEED NETWORKING OR COMPUTER HELP?


After spending a few years deep- diving into the world of marketing,

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Nathan Foster came back to AZCOMP in September 2019 as a sales account manager. “The culture here is better than anywhere you can find. When you work with people that actually like coming to work, it reflects in the job you do for your customers. That means we can actually be helpful to them,” Nathan says. Working in the sales department means Nathan spends a lot of time interacting with both our team and our customers, and it’s that collaborative spirit that makes his work meaningful.

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When he’s not exemplifying AZCOMP’s core values, Nathan is a family man. His wife and two children enjoy playing sports, going on hikes, and attending community events together. Nathan’s favorite way to unwind is gardening. He’s thrilled that living in Arizona means it’s a hobby he can have year-round, and of course, the fresh vegetables are a nice bonus.

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KEYSMART The Keychain We’ve Always Needed

DANIEL COYLE’S ‘THE CULTURE CODE’ The keys fasten into the device securely, then fold inward like the tools on a pocket knife. That means no longer worrying about bulky keys bulging out of pockets or poking legs, and more room is freed up inside your bags and purses. KeySmart is sleek and useful, so it would make the perfect gift for anyone this year. Everyone has a keychain, whether it’s big, small, cluttered, or organized. It’s where you store your car keys, house keys, mail keys, lanyards, funky keychains, and just about anything else you can manage to fit on it. However, keychains can become an obnoxious nightmare, and it can take you far too long to locate the key you need. This is when the KeySmart key organizer shines. KeySmart organizes all your keys into one compact gadget. The smaller size holds up to eight keys, while the larger size can hold up to 14. That should be enough for anyone who’s not a jail warden or a custodian. Both sizes come with a hook to attach your key fob, lanyard, or keychain should you decide you just can’t live without it.

HubSpot is the pioneer of inbound marketing software and has helped a generation of marketers do their work better. A lot of big-revenue software companies are worthy of examination, but what makes HubSpot stand out among them is their company culture. They use tactics that seem simple but stop other companies in their tracks. Their core values are defined by HEART : H umble, E mpathetic, A daptable, R emarkable, and T ransparent. They’re a big corporation that values emotional thinking as much as critical thinking, and that sets them apart from traditional corporations that rarely operate in this way. Every team member at HubSpot is allowed the freedom to take their projects in whatever direction they desire, so long as they can make a compelling case for their course of action. In order for this to work, HubSpot has a strong “No Door Policy,” so everyone has access to all information — and that really means all information. Things like financials, slide decks from board meetings, and long-term strategy plans are available to every team member for education and inspiration. Most businesses prefer to conceal revealing information, but HubSpot embraces the transparency to create a culture of trust and motivation. They also equip their employees with everything they need to excel from day one. Recruiting natural talent is great, but they also believe you can build strong employees by giving them what they need. They have a free book program, offer unlimited free meals, and even host HubTalks featuring insights from business leaders. These tools go a long way in creating successful and happy employees. HubSpot understands the importance of investing in their people as more than just the company’s revenue streams. These are just a few of the innovative culture tactics HubSpot uses every day. In the continuing spirit of transparency and education, they’ve made the entire HubSpot Culture Code available publicly online for anyone who needs more convincing that this company is doing culture right. And HubSpot Has It on Lock CULTURE IS CRITICAL

From New York Times bestselling author Daniel Coyle comes a guide on how to equip leaders with the tools they need to build a motivated company culture. Named one of the best books of 2018 by both Bloomberg and Library Journal, “The Culture Code” dissects some of the world’s most successful organizations, like Zappos, the San Antonio Spurs, and Ideo, and examines their culture, where it came from, and how it’s sustained. Coyle identifies three key skills leaders need to promote group cohesion and cooperation, and he also examines why some company cultures fail, details how to

troubleshoot and avoid pitfalls, and reveals the science behind why building strong culture should be a necessity, not an afterthought.

“High-purpose environments are filled with small, vivid signals designed to create a link between the present moment and a future ideal,” Coyle writes. In other words, it’s essential to be active about creating an environment where the company’s purpose is always present, but not pushed. It’s about creating a place where people care about their work by placing its values at the forefront of their minds and attitudes. Coyle has discovered that culture is not something you are; it’s something you do. “The Culture Code” is a road map to figuring out how to foster healthy culture so you and your team can accomplish great things together.

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Thinking outside the box makes a lot of businesses successful at what they do, and that’s why AZCOMP strives to operate the same way. Seeing things with a new perspective is what our core value “We Chase Mavericks” is all about. That’s why this story about what a woman and her dog did in the face of danger is so inspiring. Dee Gallant expected to indulge in the beautiful scenery and challenging trails on Vancouver Island when she took her dog, Murphy, out for a hike through the woods. What she wasn’t expecting was to be stalked by a cougar. The big cat crept along the trail behind them, and no matter how much Gallant yelled, the cougar wouldn’t scare off. Instead, it crouched to attack. That’s when Gallant knew she needed to try a different tactic if she wanted to save their lives.

“Don’t Tread on Me” by Metallica. “I thought it was the noisiest thing on my phone that would probably scare it. That [song] was also the message I wanted to convey to the cougar,” Gallant said as she regaled the encounter. She’s alive to tell the tale today because her creative thinking sent the cat scampering into the bushes. We could credit rock and roll with saving the day, but the real testament goes to Dee Gallant for thinking so quickly on her feet. It’s amazing what people are capable of in the moment they’re faced with a challenge. Every member of the AZCOMP team strives to think this way each day. We help each other get creative and see problems from a new perspective, which helps us go above and beyond for our customers. Providing great IT services may not be as riveting as facing down a cougar, but the feeling of accomplishment we get from it is certainly just as rewarding.

Gallant scrolled through her phone and pulled up the loudest song in her library:

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