Perennials - Perennat - Stauder | 2021-2022

Ed Zwaanswijk Product Manager Perennials Perennojen tuotepäällikkö Produktansvarlig stauder


Let's give the stage to Perennials! Dare to differentiate yourself with perennials and the many ways that you can produce and sell them. For outdoors, but even indoors production. Perennials give you so many opportunities, that's what I love about this category ever since I started in 2008. Jesper Frandsen and I proudly present our first perennials catalogue! You will find our complete and full assortment for the whole year, including spring and summer perennials. And there is more. We at Syngenta Flowers are very passionate about perennials. For the new season our breeders worked hard on improving our pe- rennials assortment and upgrade our top sellers for our customers. We have a few new highlights that I believe deserve an additional mention: Take our Lavandula augustifolia Vintro, which impresses with its strong genetics for overwintering. Easy-to-produce is one of our breeding directions as you can experiment with our Delphinium Delphina. Next to that Sedum Spot On is a showstopper: very heat- and drought tolerant and bee-friendly.

On page 16 you will find Calendar Colors. Selecting perennials has never been so easy! The complete overview of our full assortment helps you plan your perennials offer per selling month. This monthly overview also makes it easier for your customers to choose from: perennials of different species and colors ready at the same time at a glance.

I encourage you to take a look at pages 52 where we proudly pre- sent the newcomers in our assortment!

Ed Zwaanswijk Product Manager Perennials

Besides selecting, the Calendar Colors contains a time schedule to prepare your production planning.


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