LIT1504 Weidmuller DCS Migration Brochure

Weidmuller is the leading manufacturer of components for electrical connec- tion technology to transmit energy, signals and data. The Weidmuller product portfolio ranges from terminal blocks, PCB connectors and terminals, protected components, Industrial Ethernet components, I/O components and relay sockets to power supplies and over-voltage protection modules suitable for all applications. Assemble Services, marking solutions with a variety of tools and software systems, round off the range. As an OEM supplier, the company sets global standards in the field of electrical connection technology.

Weidmuller, Canada 10 Spy Court

Weidmuller, Mexico Blvd. Hermanos Serdán 698,

Weidmuller, United States 821 Southlake Blvd. Richmond, Virginia 23236 Telephone: (800) 849-9343 Facsimile: (804) 379-2593 Email: Website:

Markham, Ontario L3R 5H6 Telephone: (800) 268-4080 Facsimile: (877) 300-5635 Email: Website:

Col. San Rafael Oriente Puebla, Puebla, Mexico C.P. 72029

Telephone: 01 222 2686267 Facsimile: 01 222 2686219

Email: Website:

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