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Planning for three of the West's largest Bible Con– ferences is no easy job, for it requires much prepara– tion and outlining. Here you see Dr. Dean Nauman, Conference Director, pointing out to BIOLA President, Dr. Samuel H. Sutherland, the areas which have been selected for the 1953 "Vacations With A Purpose." Theme for the meetings this year will be: "The All Powerful Gospel." Special music and features will be utilized during each of the services and all those who love a wonderful feast on the Word of God, coupled with a spiritual vacation and refreshing rest, will want to make plans now to attend the conference closest to them. Check page two of the BROADCASTER for com– plete details, or write for complete information includ– ing pictures of speakers, featurl!d songs, musicians and conference areas. Please use handy coupon on page five. Look for In this Issue ... * SPECIAL LETTER FROM wmTE HOUSE * PERSONAL STORY OF DR. TOVEY *FAVORITE NUGGETS OF GOLD * DATES TO REMEMBER

WHITE HOUSE WRITES BIOLA "I exhort therefore that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men; for kings, and for all that are in authority." I Timothy 2: 1, 2. So wrote Paul under the inspiration of God. It has been this exohrtation which has caused us to remember Presi– dent Eisenhower over the BI– BLE INSTITUTE HOUR.

In suggesting this practice to our nation's leader, his personal aide wrote the letter you see to the right in response. May it be a challenge and reminder for us to daily uphold those who guide the destiny of this country. Pray that they may have the wisdom of God and that their lives may be truly born again, washed m the blood of Jesus Christ. "If my people, which are called by my name, shall hum– ble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." II Chronicles 7: 14 CONFERENCES For a "Vacation with a Purpose'' attend one of the following out– standing BIOLA Summer Confer– ences. For reservations write tG the Conference grounds nearest you. 1. Oregon - July 19 - 26 JENNINGS LODGE CONFERENCE GROUNDS Box 15 Jennings Lodge, Oregon 2 . Washington - August 2 - 9 GLENDAWN CONFERENCE GROUNDS c/o Rev. J . Molcolm Lange Galilee Baptist Church Seattle 44, Washington 3. California -August 16-23 MOUNT HERMON ASSOCIATION, INC. Mt. Hermon, California THEME: "THE ALL POWER- FUL GOSPEL." Special For All Confer– ences - LATEST FULL COLOR SOUND MOTION PICTURES FROM THE SIGNIFICANT CORONATION, PLUS STIRRING HISTORIC FILMS OF REFORMATION PERSONALLY TAKEN BY DR. LOUIS T. TALBOT.

Musician Goes Into Evangelistic Work

After many years of faithful service at the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, Dr. and Mrs. Herbert G. Tovey

will be leaving BIOLA at the end of July to take up extensive evangelistic work in churches all over the country. Dr. Tovey joined the staff at 558 South Hope Street in 1919, at the invita– tion of Dr. R. A. Torrey, and since that time has pioneered the field of Sacred Music Education. Reared in his native land of Australia, he became active in gospel work while yet in his teens,

coming to America in 1912 to enter Bible school. To pick up a hymnal or chorus book, is to find a veri– table gold mine of outstanding compositions penned by Dr. Tovey through his years of faithful Christian service. To talk with Christian leaders throughout the country, is to realize the many lives which have been reached through his contact and sincere testimony. We of the Bible Institute, and especially those of us of the Radio Department who have worked with him and know his untiring efforts for the cause of Christ, wish Dr. Tovey every blessing and promise given in the Word of God. Yes, to you Dr. and Mrs. Tovey we add the words of the writer of Hebrews: "For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labour of love, which ye have shewed toward His name, in that ye have ministered to the saints and do minister."

Dates to Be11ie11iber For July 3 - Special July 4th Program 8 - Shut-in of the Month 10 - Student from India Inter– viewed 13 - Report from 1st Mission Covenant Church, Oakland, Calif. Rev. Wesley Nelson, pastor 15 - Field Deportment Represen– tative Introduced 16 - Conference Opens at Jen– nings Lodge, Oregon 17 - Letter Read from Washing– ton, D.C. 20 -Alumni Tape Recording 22 - Features from King's Busi– ness Magazine 31 - Farewell Program for Dr. Tovey August 2 - Conference Opens at Glendown, Washington

From the President's Desk ... "It's the summer slump!" How often hove we in Christian service, depending on the stewardship of God's people, heard

those familiar and dreaded wordsl "It's the summer slump." Usually that phrase means that the work which God has ordained must give ground, cancel plans, perhaps even drop vital service. We of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, however, have always had so much for which ta praise God, for He has never foiled us, nor will He ever, if we look ta Him in faith believing. We know the vast family of loyal friends who stand behind this work, and be- lieve during these usually hard summer

months, that they will not forget us. But that means, we must count on you. Yes, if every home where the BIOLA BROADCASTER is received would just send a dollar this month, our bills would be met. But some will forget, some will set it aside, some will not make the sacrifice. So, may we count on you with your regular support? Thanks so much for that and may the Lord abundantly bless you for the sacrificial help you make in the training of these hundreds of young lives for world-wide Christia ~

Taking in one hand motion picture equipment and in the other a tape recorder, the Rev. J. Russell Killman, Class of '49 left Los Angeles International Airport May 15th for the Ori– ent to photograph the need of the Far East in these crucial days. Regular listeners to the BIBLE INSTITUTE HOUR will be hearing his interesting on the spot interviews, and also, if atmospheric conditions permit, direct over-seas broad– casts. The films which Mr. Killman is taking are already being processed and edited, and advance previews of them may possibly be shown in the Sum– mer Conferences following the evening services. Pray for this young man of God, who will be going through the lands darkened with sin and unbelief, and marred with the ravages of war.

This composite picture shows the need of the Philippines. The woman left) holds out hands almost completely eaten off by leprosy, begging for mercy and in need of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Center) One of the hundreds f buildings bombed out in the recent war. In the doorway is a tiny child aking care af her baby brother in the small protection from the elements hich the family is provided. Saddest of all is the darkness which the ext picture shows, for while there may be a smile on the lips of these eople, there is no true joy in the heart. The man has the smell of tuba wine on his breath, (made from the lossom of the cocoonut) one of the most intoxicating beverages. It akes one think of the scripture: "Lost, without Christ In the world."

A lot of kneeling keeps one standingl * * * Augustine of old declared: "I have read in Plato and in Cicero sayings that are both wise and beautiful, but I have never read in either of them . . . "Come unto ME, and I will give you rest." * * * Christions should be like tea kettles-able to sing, even when up to their necks in hot water. * * * LONGFELLOW could take a worthless sheet of paper, write a poem on it, and make it worth six thousand dollars. That's genius. RocKFELLER could sign his name to a piece of paper and make it worth millions. That's capital. UNCLE SAM can take gold, stamp an eagle on it, and make it worth dollars. That's money. A CRAFrsMAN can take material that's worth only five dollars and make an article worth fifty dollars. That's skill. AN ARTIST can take a fifty cent piece of canvas, paint a picture on it, and make it worth a thousand dollars. That's art. But GOD-and only GOD--can take a life, sinful and without joy, wash it in the blood of Christ, put His Spirit in it and make it a blessing to humanity. That's SALVAT/ON! * * * You hove to live with yourself, so when you're ofone make sure you're in good company. * * * How we need the faith of the little girl who joined the elders of the church in a special meeting to pray for rain. She was the only one who had enough faith to take an umbrella along. Biofo Broadcaster Bible Institute Hour Los Angeles 17, California D I would like a copy of Dr. Talbot's book "Russia Moblllzes for Armageddon." D I would like a copy of the panel discussion "Radio Ques– tions Answered." D I would llke....................copies of Dr. Tovey's new chorus: "The Decision Song." D I would like a copy of July answers for my "Know Your Bible" Biola calendar. D I. would like a free copy of your new King's Business maga– zine. I om enclosing a gift of $.............................................. for your work in training young people. NAME.......................................................................................... ' ADDRESS..................................................................................... (Clip Out and Moll Today)

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