Coye Law September 2018

Transportation Safety Tips


KIDS ON THE ROAD Whether your child is biking, walking, or even skateboarding, it’s vital that they know and follow the rules of the road. All children should practice road safety behavior, such as riding on the right side of the road, wearing helmets, stopping at stop signs, and watching out for cars. Internalizing these habits will help them stay aware of their surroundings when traveling to and from school. SHARING THE ROAD When school starts, the roads become even more cluttered than usual. On top of people heading to work, there are large buses making frequent stops, parents rushing to drop their kids off, and young kids biking or walking to school. With the added tension on the road, it’s important to be alert and move cautiously. Slowing down in school zones or around young pedestrians will keep you vigilant and could potentially save lives. Teach your kids to be prepared and safe on the road to ensure that they have a healthy and safe school year.

1. SIGNING A MEDICAL RELEASE Unless you are fully aware of what you’re signing, we strongly advise that you don’t sign a medical records release form from your employer’s insurance carrier. The Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation does not require you to sign a release, so there’s nothing mandating that you do so. Be very careful, as some insurance companies may try to trick you into signing a release. 2. GIVING RECORDED STATEMENTS You must send a First Report of Injury within 30 days of your accident, but you don’t have to provide the insurance company with a recorded statement. It may seem innocuous, but the insurance company uses these statements to poke holes in your claim. Remember that their goal is to save as much money as possible. 3. NOT DISCLOSING PRIOR INJURIES OR PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS It is incredibly important to be truthful about your injury history in a workers’ comp claim. Trying With the school year fast approaching, families are in preparation mode. Parents are busy buying new clothes and school supplies and thinking about the best way to get their kids safely to school. Keeping your child safe on their commute starts with knowing the transportation method that works best for you and the rules that accompany that method. TAKING THE SCHOOL BUS According to the United States Department of Transportation, the school bus is the safest means of transportation to and from school. Buses are built to withstand a hit and distribute the damage throughout the vehicle, keeping its passengers safe and sound. Knowing basic bus safety will help kids be mindful when taking the bus. Before the school year starts, take your children to the bus stop and show them where they should stand when the bus approaches — a minimum of three large steps or 6 feet from the street. Tell your kids about the importance of sitting still and not standing in the bus while it’s in motion.

3 Massive Mistakes


When you get injured at work, you probably have a thousand questions flooding your head. Who will pay for your medical bills? When will you be able to return to work? Will you even be able to perform the same job again? How will your future be affected? And that’s just for starters. Here’s the good news: Our workers’ compensation system is in place to help you deal with these very questions. Here’s the bad news: The system can be incredibly complicated and confusing. Luckily, an experienced attorney can help guide you through the workers’ compensation process and make sure you present your case in the best possible light. There is a long list of steps you should take after being injured at work, but today we want to focus on what you shouldn’t do. There are three major mistakes that we see far too many clients make, which end up hurting their claims. Needless to say, you want to avoid the following three errors at all costs.

to ignore past injuries will only lead to trouble. If your current injury is related to the injury in question that you haven’t disclosed, you may be accused of fraud. If you found this information interesting and would like to learn more about workers’ comp, you can request a free PDF download of my workers’ comp book “Sharing the Secrets, Learning the Lies: A Guide to Florida Workers’ Compensation” by going to I hope you find it helpful!


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