Orange County Insight 02 2021

New Program Ideas Take Flight for Orange County Parks & Recreation

By Jayson Woods, Program and Facilities Supervisor, Orange County Parks & Recreation Department

Orange County Parks & Recreation (OCPR) is always looking for new program ideas, and loves to partner with local organizations to make them a reality. When an article in the Orange County Review revealed that Earthquest Inc., an organization that works with actual avian ambassadors to educate

the public about birds of prey, was opening a facility in Orange County, OCPR staff quickly reached out to find out if partner programs were possible. Earthquest invited Parks & Recreation staff, Tim Moubray and Jayson Woods to their Rapidan facility to see the birds. For both of them, it was one of the most interesting workdays ever. After witnessing actual flight demonstrations, learning about their resident non - releasable raptors, and getting a chance to hold Bubo, an Eurasian Eagle Owl, they felt that Parks & Recreation should set up programs as soon as possible. OCPR is currently offering two “ Walk with a Hawk ”

programs at Booster Park. In this program, participants will take a leisurely walk while a Harris ’ s Hawk flies along and an Earthquest educator teaches about birds of prey. OCPR has plans to offer more programs, such as an Introduction to Birdwatching. Keep an eye to the sky for more information.

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