Orange County Insight 02 2021

COVID - 19 Vaccines in Orange County Orange County, through theF ire and EMS Department, is partnering with Orange Family Physicians and Orange County Public Schools to operate vaccination clinics in Orange County. Thus far, the group has successfully held three clinics

vaccinating 650 persons. The size and frequency of these clinics will be driven by the availability of vaccine as distributed to us by the Virginia Department of Health. They hope to expand the number of days and possibly move the location to other parts of the community. Currently, only persons who meet the State's Phase 1 criteria are eligible for vaccination.

Important information from the Rappahannock - Rapidan Health District on how to sign up for vaccines if you are in category 1A or 1B can be accessed here.

The COVID - 19 vaccination will help protect you from getting COVID - 19. Two doses are needed. Depending on the specific vaccine you get, a second shot 3 - 4 weeks after your first shot is needed to get the most protection the vaccine has to offer against this serious disease. Learn more about the benefits of getting vaccinated. It ’ s Safe. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA) for two COVID - 19 vaccines which have been shown to be safe and highly effective as determined by data from the manufacturers and findings from large clinical trials. These data demonstrate that the known and potential benefits of this vaccine outweigh the known and potential harms of becoming

infected with the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID 19). Learn more about the different COVID - 19 vaccines.

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