Orange County Insight 02 2021

Orange County Communications Department Releases First Public Service Video, “ Orange Talks … About COVID - 19 ”

Filming on Main Street

The Orange County Communications Department released its inaugural production of “ Orange Talks …” with a public service video focusing on the COVID - 19 pandemic in Orange County. The Communications Department partnered with local experts from the Orange County Department of Fire & EMS, the Orange County Sheriff ’ s Office, the Rappahannock - Rapidan Health District, Orange Family Physicians, and Dogwood Village, to discuss COVID - 19, vaccines, and how to keep our community safe. Stephanie Straub, Public Information Officer and Assistant to the County Administrator said, “ Our goal was to create an informative clip explaining how COVID - 19 has impacted our community, what steps we can take to stay safe, and what we can expect from vaccines currently approved for use. We are grateful to the local professionals who participated and provided clarity to an often confusing subject. ” “ Orange County Talks … About COVID - 19 ” can be found on Orange County ’ s YouTube Channel at or the County ’ s website at - 19.

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