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NECK PAIN, NO LONGER! OSR Physical Therapy Is Always Here for You in the "Neck" of Time

• Headaches. • Arm weakness. • Numbness or tingling.

Do you have trouble sitting up straight at your desk, tilting your head down to tie your shoes, or even lying down to go to sleep at night? Do you have headaches more than once a week? If so, you’re not alone. According to the Institute of Medicine of The National Academies, over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Of those 100 million, 15% suffer from chronic neck pain. In a survey conductedwith over 300 chronic pain sufferers, 59% reported an impact on the quality of their life and 77% of those surveyed reported feeling depressed. Even small amounts of pain can lead to a downward spiral in quality of life, energy, and overall wellbeing. Fortunately physical therapy can help resolve all the pains in your neck. Contact OSR Physical Therapy today to schedule your consultation. WHY DOES NECK PAIN OCCUR? The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) states that approximately one-third of the population will experience neck pain in any given year. It can get worse if left untreated, and in severe cases, surgery may even be needed. Additional symptoms of neck pain may include: • Discomfort and pain when remaining in the same position for too long. • Muscle stiffness and tightness in the upper body.

• Inability to fully stand up or sit up straight. • Loss of sleep due to pain and discomfort.

The neck is an integral area of everyday movement, and sharp pains can prevent you from functioning properly in your day-to-day life. The neck is comprised of 7 vertebrae (bones), over 16 joints, and numerous muscles and tissues. The greatest concentration of muscles and tissues is in the upper neck, at the base of your skull. This area consists of the larger muscles that attach your head to your neck, and it is where the vertebral and carotid arteries travel through your neck, in order to reach the skull. When these muscles become tense, the blood flow from the arteries can become affected, resulting in neck pain and headaches. Your neck relies on a lot from your body – such as proper posture, flexibility, strength, and coordination. In our daily lives, we place tremendous strain and demand on our neck. Stress and poor posture can cause muscle weakness in the neck, and can even lead to long-termdamage over time. Any sort of chronic strain on the neck can result in inflammation and contribute to our pain and headaches.



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