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ASA is your direct connection to influential, multidisciplinary professionals in the field of aging and beyond. Avoid the marketplace maze. Let ASA lead you to newmarkets and customers.

The field of aging is ever-shifting, complex and diverse. ASA can help you navigate this maze to reach your marketing goals.

For more than 60 years, ASA has been a leading organization in the field of aging, continually attracting more than 100,000 practitioners, educators, administrators, policymakers, academics, business people, and students to its membership community. These professionals—all working to improve the quality of life of older adults—are employed in an array of disciplines across the aging services network: physical health, technology, employment, finance and legal, housing and accessibility, mental and emotional well-being, healthcare quality and access, spiritual development, and social engagement. ASA Is Your Access to Influence ASA is a leading multidisciplinary membership-based organization that focuses solely on developing and honing members’ knowledge and leadership skills. That is the reason our educational publications and programs are sought out by thousands of leaders—influential professionals who are creative, innovative and forward-thinking. They anticipate what America’s older consumers and their families might need and want to achieve well-being and optimal health. They get the attention of policymakers at local, regional and national levels. They are administrators and managers, direct-service providers, health and social services professionals, educators, researchers, students, policymakers and planners across more than 16 settings in the diverse aging services network. ASA’s educational products—whether it’s our premier annual conference, Aging in America, our excellent online education, our renowned awards programs or our high-quality print publications, the respected Generations journal and our longtime newspaper, Aging Today —will give you guaranteed access to your target market.

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ASA Membership is 5,000 members and growing.

Who is the average ASA member? Recent survey results indicate: :: 60% of the members have been in the field of aging for 10 years or more :: 76% hold a Master’s degree or higher :: 80% are female

Job position Entry-level (coordinator, assistant) 11% Mid-level (manager) 31% Senior-level (executive, director, CEO) 40% Consultant 9% Retired 9%

Professional Specialty

Aging services provider Alzheimer’s care Business

Professional Specialty

Aging services provider Alzheimer’s care Business

Caregiving Education Financial/retirement/insurance Geriatric Care Management Healthcare Housing/livable communities Occupational or recreational therapy Policy and advocacy Psychology/psychiatry Public Health Social work/counseling Research Other

Caregiving Education Financial/retirement/insurance Geriatric Care Management Healthcare Housing/livable communities Occupational or recreational therapy Policy and advocacy Psychology/psychiatry Public Health Social work/counseling Research Other

Work Status

Public sector employee Private nonprofit employee Private for-profit employee Educational institution employee Full-time student Retired Consultant

Work Status

Public sector employee Private nonprofit employee Private for-profit employee Educational institution employee Full-time student Retired Consultant


Take the direct path to reach the aging services marketplace. Advertise in Aging Today and Generations , ASA’s premier print publications that are ranked by our members as their most valuable membership benefits. Enhance your overall strategy by adding these publications to your marketing mix.

Useful. I look forward to receiving Aging Today. —Joan Blumenfeld, MS, LPC, Eldercare Counseling and Consultation services, llc


Aging Today is ASA’s bimonthly newspaper, which covers issues in practice, policy and research in aging nationwide. A four-page pullout section, In Focus, is devoted to in-depth coverage of a single topic. Each issue of Aging Today reaches approximately 10,000 professionals who work with older adults.

To reserve ad space, contact Linda Jones at 415-974-9638 or ljones@asaging.org .

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QUARTER PAGE AD Picas: 29p x 43p Inches: 4.8” x 7.2”

Inches: 9.8” x 7.2”

Picas: 29p x 87p6 Inches: 4.8” x 14.6”

Inches: 4.8” x 14.6”

FULL PAGE AD Picas: 59p x87p6 Inches: 9.8” x 14.6”

QUARTER-PAGE AD Picas: 29p x 43p

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Horizontal HALF PAGE AD Picas: 59p x 43p Inches: 9.8” x 7.2”

Exceptional editing and writing; concise and authoritative. —Stuart Greenbaum, Greenbaum Public Relations


AmericanSocietyonAging 575Market Street,Suite2100 San Francisco,CA94105-2869


ASAAwardWinners! p. 13 |The2018ASA Awardsprogram: honoring leadership andeducation in aging.

What’sNext BusinessSummit p. 16 |Celebrating 15 yearsofbusiness savvyandnetworking atAging inAmerica.

Aging Today Editorial Calendar September–October 2019: The Business of Aging: A Look at the Marketplace and Consumers Ad Art Deadline: 7/29/19 Release Date: Week of 8/26/19 November–December 2019: America’s Veterans and the State and Influence of the VA Ad Art Deadline: 9/23/19 Release Date: Week of 10/21/19 January–February 2020: Older People and the Power of Community Ad Art Deadline: 11/25/19 Release Date: Week of 12/23/19 March–April 2020: An Update on Caregiving in America Ad Art Deadline: 1/27/20 Release Date: Week of 2/24/20 May–June 2020: Nursing Home Re-Boot Ad Art Deadline: 3/16/20 Release Date: Week of 4/20/20 July–August 2020: Technology and Aging Ad Art Deadline: 5/26/20 Release Date: Week of 6/22/20 September–October 2020: Transportation and Mobility Ad Art Deadline: 7/27/20 Release Date: Week of 8/24/20 November–December 2020: An Update on Brain Health Ad Art Deadline: 9/21/20 Release Date: Week of 10/19/20


Coveringadvances in research, practiceandpolicynationwide www.asaging.org

MARCH–APRIL 2018 volume xxxixnumber 2

thebimonthlynewspaperof theAmericanSocietyonAging

Theperilsofclimatechange: agrowing threat toolderpeople

In this issue

FORUM Tax “reform,”childrenof the opioidcrisis,andbroke—but notbroken—atage55 pages3–4 TheSpecialAdvocates for theElderlyprogramprotects olderadults fromabuse page5 INFOCUS Climatechange:aclearand presentdanger toall— especiallyolderadults page 7 DISPARITIES INAGING How thehealthdivide is growingacross socioeconomicgroups page 11

devotedtoherworkasadoctor,haddied in hergarageonOct.9,overcomeby thefire. The National Oceanic and Atmos- pheric Administration reported that hurricanes, wildfires, floods and other disasters in2017caused$306billion in to- taldamage,shatteringaprevious2005re- cord of $214 billion from the impacts of hurricanes Katrina and Rita ( goo.gl/ MIRLxc ). Climate disaster events were responsible for362deaths in2017.

By KathySykes C armen McReynolds, 82, was a motorcycle-riding septuagenarian cruising down the back roads of Sonoma County, based at her longtime homeonKilarneyCircle [inSantaRosa].… Hernephew,GabrielCokeofSanJose,said shewas a trailblazer—who knewherway aroundarifleandgavehimhisfirstpocket ‘Wildfires,floodsandother disasters in2017caused$306 billion in totaldamage.’

knife—who once considered Joan Baez amongherfriends,”reportedanOct.10ar- ticle in TheMercuryNews ( goo.gl/XDjzye ). “CarmenMcReynoldswas so indepen- dent and resourceful her family held out hope until the very lastmoment that she hadescaped theTubbsFire,”according to the article.The paper then reported that McReynolds, who had for decades been The Climate and Health Assessment by theU.S.GlobalChangeResearchPro- gram found that people differ in their sensitivities to climate change and the very young and very old are particularly sensitive ( goo.gl/Qi7J7b ). Older people aremore sensitive due to lifetime expo- sures, physiological changes and limited adaptive capacity.With increasing years, the body’s defensemechanisms decline. Older people also often are living with chronichealth conditions and functional limitations thatmay contribute to frailty anddisability. Qualitymeasurescanstrengthen care forvulnerablepopulations

And climate change impacts not only physicalhealth.According to theClimate Psychiatry Alliance, “Mental health is profoundly impacted by the disruptions associatedwith climate change” ( goo.gl/ FHciSM ). Numerous studies conducted followingdisasters found“post-traumatic stressdisorderamongpersonswhoexpe- rienceadisaster,with theextentofexpo- suretoadisasterbeingthemostimportant risk factor for the development of disas- ter-relatedPTSD” ( goo.gl/K1STaA ).

› continued on page 8

CDWreceivesASA’s inaugural TechnologyandAgingAward T he ASA Board of Directors is pleased to introduce thenew ASA Technology and Aging Award ,

By JessicaBriefer French E ditor’snote:TheSCANFoundation, The JohnA.Hartford Foundation, theAdministration forCommunity Living, theGary andMaryWest Founda- tion, the Marin Community Foundation and theColoradoHealth Foundation have united to funda three-yeargrant todevelop andestablish theAgingandDisabilityBusi- nessInstitute,housedwithinn4a.Underthe grant, ASA and n4a (goo.gl/nz7ykU) are collaboratingonaseriesofarticlesandcase studies in AgingToday thatwill help to prepare, educate and support community- based organizations andhealthcare payers toprovidequalitycareand services.

anhonordesigned torecognizea technol- ogy company that is advancing innova- tions to improve the lives of older adults. ASA takespride in recognizing leaders in the fieldwho not only contribute to the success of ASA, but to the field at large. Technologymustplaya role in improvingelders’quality of life. CDW Healthcare, a division of CDW, a VernonHills,Ill.–basedglobaltechnology solutionsprovider, is thefirst recipientof thisaward. CDWHealthcare is a leadingprovider of technology solutions and services fo- cused exclusively on serving the health- caremarketplace.Asa trustedresource to more than 15,000 healthcare organiza- tions, CDW Healthcare provides dedi- cated IT guidance to a wide range of clients, from large health systems and hospitals tophysicianpractices and long- term-care facilities.CDWHealthcare isat

the forefrontofhelpingorganizationsand individuals leverage technology to sup- port aging in place and improve overall qualityof life. CDW Healthcare is a key sponsor of the recently opened Thrive Inno- vation Center ( goo.gl/2a8Lbx ), a non- profit in Louisville, Ky., that seeks to transformqualityof life and care forold- er adults through innovation and educa- tion. CDW Healthcare’s work with the Thrive Innovation Center extends and elevates the company’s commitment and presence in the post-acute senior care

People’s strongpreference foraging in place and the growing need for states to save money on institutional care have fueled a variety of federal initiatives to “rebalance” from institutional care to home- and community-based services (theAffordableCareActcreatednewop- portunities for states to shift long-term care from institutions to thecommunity). State Medicaid programs have taken

Across the country, budget shortfalls haveputpressureon stateMedicaidpro- grams thatprovidemostpublicly funded long-term service and supports (LTSS). Simultaneously,many people are unpre- pared for the expenses related to aging and for theirprobableneed forLTSS.

› continued on page 15

› continued on page 15

*Note: Topics, deadlines and release dates are subject to change.

Journal of the American Society on Aging

Generations is the quarterly journal of the American Society on Aging. Each issue is devoted to bringing together the most useful and current knowledge about a specific topic in the field of aging, with emphasis on practice, research and policy. Each issue is guest-edited by a prominent expert on the topic. No other publication in the field of aging brings together these perspectives in such a readable and authoritative way. Each issue of Generations reaches approximately 10,000 professionals in aging. Sponsorship Issue sponsorship is exclusive and sponsor will receive visibility in print and on ASA’s website. Sponsors receive: :: Logo on the back cover of the sponsored issue :: Four-color advertisement on inside back cover of sponsored issue :: Logo on Generations website with link to sponsored issue :: Electronic flip book created for the issue, with added promotion to generate more page views

Love, love, love this publication! —Candace Baldwin, Capital Impact Partners

It remains the best US gerontological journal. —Andy Achenbaum, University of Houston

Generations advertising rates and specifications continue on following page


Journal of the American Society on Aging

Advertising Rates FOUR-COLOR 1X




Cover II Cover III

$2,175 $2,050

$2,000 $1,850

$1,825 $1,750

$1,775 $1,650

BLACK & WHITE Full page

$1,550 $1,025




1/2 page




Discounts: Nonprofit 5%; Agency 15%

Advertising Specifications COVER II, III Picas: 43p6 x 60p

Inches: 7.25” x 10”


We depend on Generations to keep us stimulated and thinking beyond what we work with daily. —Carol Aronson, Shawnee Health Service

Picas: 35p9 x 48p9

Inches: 5.95” x 8.125”

HALF-PAGE AD (horizontal) Picas: 35p9 x 24p

Inches: 5.95” x 4”

Ad Reservation Deadlines Spring......................................................... March 1 Summer........................................................ May 2 Fall.............................................................. August 1 Winter................................................. November 1

Excellent and well thought out. —Jennie Deese, Athens Community Council on Aging

Generations Editorial Calendar Fall 2019 —Aging, Work and the Workplace | Guest Editors: Teresa Ghilarducci and Siavash Radpour Winter 2019-20 —Social Justice in Aging | Guest Editor: Charlie Sabatino Spring 2020 —Elder Mistreatment | Guest Editors: Terry Fulmer, Rebecca Stoeckle, Kristin Lees Haggerty Summer 2020 —Housing | Guest Editor: Alisha Sanders Fall 2020 —Social Engagement & Isolation | Guest Editors: Teresa Ghilarducci and Siavash Radpour

*Note: Topics, deadlines and release dates are subject to change.


2020 Aging in America Conference Program The 200-page conference program book is distributed to nearly 3,000 attendees at the annual Aging in America Conference, March 24-27 in Atlanta. This high-visibility publication is used by conference attendees throughout the four-day conference, and many keep it as a resource and refer to it throughout the year.


Exhibitors get better rates! Save up to $300 if you also exhibit at the conference. (see page 10)

2019Annual Conference of the American SocietyonAging April 15-18 Hyatt RegencyNewOrleans

Ad Sizes and Rates (All ads are 4-color) Size Dimensions Full Page (no bleed*) 8”w x 10 1/2”h


Others $1,400

$1,100 $700 $450

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$900 $600

Quarter Page

* For a full-page ad with bleed, build file to actual page size (8 3/8”w x 10 7/8”h). Bleeds should extend 1 / 4 inch (on all sides) beyond these dimensions, and any text or images not intended to bleed should be inset by 1 / 4 inch. Be sure to include bleeds and crop marks on final art . Reservation and payment due by 2/5/20; Artwork due by 2/12/20. Ad artwork received after March 12, 2020 may not be placed in the program. No refunds after March 12, 2020.

Instructions for Ad Preparation DIGITAL FILES:

All files must be submitted digitally as high resolution PDF files or as high-resolution (300 dpi) JPG, TIFF or EPS files. Digital files must include all graphics and all fonts used (including fonts that appear in EPS graphics-such as logos created in Adobe Illustrator). For fonts, please be sure to include both PostScript files (printer fonts) and bitmap files (screen fonts). All files must be created as CMYK files with no additional spot colors. Please check to make sure your logos, etc. that may have been created with spot color have been converted to CMYK before being imported into the ad. Please note: Images downloaded from the Internet are not acceptable as their resolution is 72 dpi, and for print purposes images must be a minimum of 300 dpi. MEDIA: Electronic ad files can be e-mailed and must be less than 10 megabytes. Send e-mail to ljones@asaging.org.

ASA is the best and most beneficial conference available to the community. —Mandy Arnold President/CEO Partners In Care Maryland, Inc.


Advertising Policy

This policy statement applies to all advertising with ASA. 1. The American Society on Aging reserves the right to refuse advertising that it deems offensive or otherwise inappropriate to the constituency that it represents, or for any other reason. 2. Positioning of ads will be at ASA’s discretion, although the advertiser’s preference will be honored whenever possible. 3. Publication of an advertisement does not constitute endorsement or approval by ASA of any product or service advertised or of any point of view, standard or opinion presented in the advertisement. ASA is not responsible for any claims made in advertisements appearing in its publications. 4. The advertiser or advertising agency assumes liability for all ad content including representations made in text and illustrations. The advertiser or advertising agency agrees to indemnify and hold ASA harmless from and against any loss, expense or other liability resulting from any suits for breach of warranty, negligence, product liability or misrepresentation, or any other claims or suits whatsoever that may arise from the publication of such advertisement. 5. Other than the return of any advertising fee that the advertiser has paid, ASA is not liable if, for any reason, an advertisement is omitted from publication. 6. By placing an order for an advertisement, the advertiser agrees to all the rates and conditions under which ASA sells advertising at the time of the order. 7. If new art or copy for contract ads is not received by the art deadline, standing art or copy will be used. 8. No cancellations will be accepted after the reservation deadline. Advertisers who fail to notify the publisher of cancellation prior to the closing date will be required to pay the full price of the insertion. 9. The terms for all advertising charges are net 30 days, based on the publication date of the advertisement. Discounts & Bonus Ads 10. Advertisers with a program of three or more ads in Aging Today or two or more ads in Generations receive a discount (see pages 4 & 6). To qualify for the program discount, advertising must be placed on a contract basis. A contract starts with the first insertion. Sixty (60) days written notice is required for contract cancellation by ASA or the advertiser. 11. Advertisers who place their ads directly with ASA will receive a 15% discount when the same ad is placed in both Generations and Aging Today . If an advertising agency places the same ad in both publications, the maximum discount will be 20%.

Commissions 12. Bona fide advertising agencies are entitled to a 15% commission.



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3/14 5/16 7/11 9/12

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Generations Spring

2/1 5/2 8/1

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Aging in America Conference Program Book Reservations due by February 5, 2020 Art due February 12, 2020

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Full page Half page

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AiA Conference Program Book (1x only) Full page Half page Quarter page

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Exhibit at ASA’s Aging in America Conference

2020 Conference | March 24-27 (Exhibit Hall open March 24-26) Atlanta, GA

Exhibiting at the Aging in America Conference is your opportunity to meet and influence nearly 3,000 professionals in the field of aging. Our exhibitors consistently provide extremely positive appraisals of the value of their experience with us. The Aging in America Conference is recognized as: :: a showcase for programs and projects that can be replicated :: a forum for policy discussion and advocacy :: a prime source of information on new research findings in aging Meet key influencers and leaders in the field of aging from across the nation as they discover the latest programs, products and technologies that can enhance the lives of the older adults they serve. Spaces are available on a first-come basis, so contact us soon to secure a good space!

Who Exhibits? :: Academic and Educational Programs :: Health Care Providers :: Home Health Care/Medical and Nonmedical :: Financial Planning Companies :: Government Agencies :: Long-Term Care Organizations and Businesses :: Medical/Health Product Companies :: Nonprofit Organizations :: Publishers :: Pharmaceutical Companies :: Professional Services :: Software and Web-Based Services

The exposure and traffic we received at our booth was fantastic! It was a great experience. —Renee Riffey, AGE-u-cate Training Institute


Exhibitor Benefits n One free conference registration—more than a $600 value—with each booth purchase. n  Unlimited free exhibit hall passes for booth staff and guests. Passes are for exhibit hall only. n Complimentary morning coffee and lunch in the Exhibit Hall. n Exhibit listing in the conference program book distributed to 3,000 attendees (Deadline 2/5/20). n Visibility on conference website with your company’s description and hyperlink. n  Free one-time use of conference attendee mailing list pre-conference or post-conference. (List includes physical addresses only; does not include e-mail addresses or phone numbers. You must contact ASA to request the list, and all mailings must be sent through a mailing house.) n Special reduced rates on advertising in the conference program book.

Exhibitor Fees

5/1/19 – 10/31/19

11/1/19 – 3/24/20

ASA Member Org.

Government/Nonprofit Standard 8x10 booth Premium 8x10 booth Government/Nonprofit Standard 8x10 booth Premium 8x10 booth

$1,100 $1,700 $2,100 $1,600 $2,200 $2,600

$1,300 $1,900 $2,300 $1,800 $2,400 $2,800

Non-Member Org.

To receive a complete exhibitor prospectus with floor plan and application, and to check booth space availability, please contact Corey Gerhard at 415-974-9627 / cgerhard@asaging.org, or visit www.asaging.org/exhibiting.

“Thank you for a great conference! We made quality connections and increased awareness of our work and organization with professionals in the field.” —Natalie Pope,

The University of Louisville Institute for Sustainable Health & Optimal Aging


Become a Sponsor

Increase your visibility by sponsoring an ASA program, event and/or publication. Over the years, our sponsors have succeeded in building brand awareness with leaders in the field of aging. ASA offers a number of sponsorship opportunities ranging from $1,000-55,000 and we will work with you to customize a sponsorship that best meets your needs.

Aging in America Annual Conference for Professionals in Aging

The American Society on Aging (ASA) hosts the largest national multidisciplinary conference for professionals in the field of ag- ing. Each year nearly 3,000 professionals attend this four-day event. The 2020 Aging in America conference will take place in Atlanta. We invite you to join forces with us by supporting the largest national conference addressing aging issues. Support from our sponsors makes this conference possible and we will work with you to develop the right sponsorship strategy that delivers the visibility and networking opportunities you desire. “A great conference, value and professional development opportunity. The content and caliber of presenters was fantastic!” —Jill McLellan Phelps, DePaul Housing Management

ASA Web Seminar Educational Training and Tools for Professionals

ASA web seminars are an excellent opportunity to reach targeted audiences of up to 1,000 viewers at a time. Each web seminar is one hour and features a chat function between presenter, moderator and the audience, as well as a polling tool to garner audience opinion or impressions. Web seminars are offered throughout the year at a time allowing for national participation during the workday. Each event focuses on a particular subject of interest to professionals in aging. Sponsorships are available for one web seminar or a series.


ASA’s Quarterly Journal Generations Generations is the journal of the American Society on Aging. Published quarterly, the journal is available in both print and digital formats. Each peer-reviewed, single-topic issue of Generations brings together the latest in research, practice, and policy on a single key topic in the fields of aging. The journal’s readers are key decision-makers in their organizations and practices. The multidisciplinary readership includes physicians, researchers, policymakers, nurses, therapists, social workers, administrators, and numerous other professionals in aging. Distribution is 10,000+ professionals in multiple disciplines. ASA Leadership Awards Programs A key component of ASA’s mission is to honor those who make a difference in the lives of the older adults they serve. For the past 50 years, ASA has recognized an impressive and extensive list of leaders for their dedication to uplifting the field of aging and increasing the visibility of the issues of older adults through public policy, advocacy, education and training, and programs. Sponsoring one of these awards that aligns with your corporate philosophy will help you to gain visibility and credibility among the professionals who learn about the awards and honor the winners.

WINTER 2018–19 volume 42number4

Journal of the American Society on Aging

Politics and Aging

Aging politics in the age of Trump The politics of immigration The state—and fate—of aging policy

To learn more about becoming a sponsor, contact Corey Gerhard at (415) 974-9627 cgerhard@asaging.org


Previous Sponsors, Advertisers and Exhibitors (partial list)

AARP Abbey Press/One Caring Place Accessible Solutions, Inc. Active Rx Acumen ADT Health Advanced Telehealth Solutions Aegis Therapies Allied Powers LLC Alzheimer’s Association Alzheimer’s Foundation of America American Foundation for the Blind American Optometric Association American Red Cross Ameriprise Financial Services Amramp Archstone Foundation Association Book Exhibit Assurex Health AstraZeneca AT&T Bank of America Merrill Lynch Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging BrightFocus Foundation Button Blocker Calmoseptine, Inc. Cancer Support Community CaptionCall Care Director Care Like Care1st CareAccess Caring Senior Service

Coventry Health Care, Inc. CVS Health Dynalab Inc. Defeat Malnutrition Today Emeritus Senior Living Evercare Experience Works FDA Office of Women’s Health FDA/CDER GAITRite — CIR Systems Generations on Line Genoa, a Qol Healthcare Company Genworth Financial Gerontological Society of America Gerontology @ UMass Boston GlaxoSmithKline Golden Gourmet Meals Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Hamilton CapTel Hands-Free Inc. Hasbro’s Joy for All Hawaiian Moon Health and Aging Policy Fellows Program Health and Retirement Study HealthSense, Inc. HeartMath HELPS Nonprofit Law Firm hi HealthInnovations Home Care Assistance

Home Care Delivered, Inc. Home Instead Senior Care Humana Inc. Hydrocephalus Association ICAA Services Independent Living Systems InnovAge

Caring Transitions Cawley Company CDW Healthcare Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Centers for Medicare & Medicaid ChenMed Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Cigna Clarity Compassion & Choices Consortium for Older Adult Wellness Consumer Direct/Better at Home Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - Office for Older Americans

InPro Corporation Inspired Caregivers Intel Johnson & Johnson Journeyworks Publishing Legg Mason Global Asset Management MED-EL Corporation MedicAlert Foundation Medicare’s Limited Income NET Program

Mom’s Meals NourishCare Musical Health Technologies


myMAR, LLC National Asian Pacific Center on Aging National Association of Area Agencies on Aging National Center for Health Statistics National Center on Elder Abuse National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification National Council on Aging National Federation of the Blind National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases

Smart Care Consultants Southwest Springer Publishing Sprint CapTel Swift Alarm, USA & Canada, Ltd. Tai Chi for Health Institute Tailored Care Enterprises, LLC The Center for Gerontology at Concordia University Chicago The Clorox Company The Hartford Tollos Tunstall U.S. EPA Aging Initiative UCI Center of Excellence in Elder Abuse & Neglect UM Products UMBC Aging/The Erickson School United States Social Security Administration UnitedHealthcare Universal Mobility, LLC University of Florida University of Indianapolis Center for Aging & Community University of La Verne University of Michigan School of Social Work University of Nebraska at Omaha Dept of Gerontology University of Northern Colorado Upper Room Books U.S. Fire Administration USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology Valley Services, Inc.

National Institute on Aging National Library of Medicine NeighborWorks America Nestle Health Science Network of Care New England Cognitive Center North American Securities (NASAA) Office of Justice Programs

Panasonic/Home Team Panoramic Software, Inc Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute Parkinson’s Disease Foundation Peak Pharmacy PeerPlace Networks Pension Rights Center Pfizer, Inc. Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine Philips Lifeline Pine Grove Behavioral Health Pioneer Network Piramal Imaging Preferred Population Health Management Project Lifesaver International Purina Pro Plan Reliable Caregivers ResCare Resistance Dynamics REST (Respite Education and Support Tools)

Verizon Communications Veterans Care Coordination

Visiting Angels WalkerWonder Walkjoy, Inc. Walmart/Sam’s Club WellCare WellMed Charitable Foundation Wells Fargo Life Management Services

Right at Home, Inc. Routledge Journals RTZ Associates, Inc. SCAN Health Plan Senior Helpers

Western Union Wolters Kluwer

Senior Reach SimplyHome


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