Report to the Nation 2015

The time is coming where there will be no more drunk driving victims in America. For the eleventh year, law enforcement around the country continued to participate in national efforts to crack down on drunk driving. The Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Campaign kicked off during the Labor Day Holiday with a national press conference led by Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. It launched again prior to the Christmas and New Year’s Holiday to remind would-be drunk drivers that, if they choose to drink and drive, they will get caught. MADD victims and volunteers worked across the country to improve drunk driving laws. This year MADD’s Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving continued to save lives and scored its most single-year state legislative victories to date. Four states — Mississippi, Alabama, Delaware andNewHampshire—passedall-offender ignition interlock laws bringing the total to 24 states. In addition, major improvements were made in other states, leading in part to a nationwide increase in the installation of ignition interlocks to 318,000. Finally, research continues on the DADSS program with the continuation of a new five-year agreement signed at the end of 2013. A research test vehicle is currently being outfitted in Sweden and the hope is to soon bring that vehicle back to the United States. That means that 2015 could be the year when we see for the first time a car that can only be driven by a sober driver. For the past 35 years, today and in the future, MADD leads the nation toward the elimination of drunk driving and no more victims.


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