Report to the Nation 2015


Thirty-five years after a group of mothers changed America’s culture by warning the nation about the dangers of drunk driving, 10,000 people each year continue to die in drunk driving crashes. Mothers Against Drunk Driving gave a face and a story to the crime of drunk driving. The result is a nearly 50 percent reduction in DUI fatalities nationwide. Thanks to laws like the 21 minimum drinking age, zero tolerance for drivers under the age of 21, and a national .08 Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) standard, MADD has led the nation in saving lives from an entirely preventable tragedy. Today, we are on the verge of another cultural change. We are focused not only on changing the public’s attitudes, we are also focused on a technological revolution that will one day eliminate drunk driving. In 2006, MADD launched the Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving and set the nation on a course for the day when drunk driving is relegated to the history books. By focusing on effective countermeasures already in place today, laws we can pass tomorrow, and future technologies to make cars safer, MADD’s Campaign has truly established a blueprint for a nation without drunk driving.


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