Campus Commons PT - August 2021

Apple Season Begins!


BRIGHTON WOODS ORCHARD, BURLINGTON, WISCONSIN This orchard features several varieties of apples, so it’s open well throughout the season. Their website even breaks down their apple varieties and lets visitors know the best times to stop by in order to pick the apples they want most! Check out all the selections at . A LITTLE CLOSER TO HOME If you can’t make it to one of these three locations, why not see if there’s a local orchard that lets you pick your own apples or buy a fresh bundle? Before you go on your apple-picking adventure, here are a few quick tips to keep in mind.

Throughout many of the northern states, August is a big month because it’s the start of apple season! Orchards begin to harvest their early season crop, and many varieties of apples are starting to ripen and will continue to do so throughout the fall.

As these apples ripen, many orchards invite guests to their grounds to pick fruit and enjoy a day outdoors. Here are three orchards that are well worth the trip!

STRIBLING ORCHARD, MARKHAM, VIRGINIA Situated near the Shenandoah River in the hills of Virginia, this orchard has a rich history that goes back to the founding of the United States. As you pick apples, you can enjoy learning about the orchard’s past. Guests are also invited to bring a picnic as they harvest their bounty. Learn more at . KIYOKAWA FAMILY ORCHARDS, PARKDALE, OREGON Tucked away in the Hood Valley just north of Mount Hood in Oregon, Kiyokawa boasts the largest U-Pick orchard in the valley and offers exceptional scenery for apple (and pear) pickers! There are many apples to choose from, but there are also fruit stands that sell cider, honey, and jam. Find out more at .

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It’s great for the whole family! Pick the apples, but don’t shake the branch. Set the apples gently in your carrier of choice so you don’t bruise the fruit!

Apples on the outer branches ripen first.

Staying Strong for All18 Holes 5 EXERCISES TO IMPROVE YOUR GOLF GAME

SPLIT SQUATS This stretch will improve your stability and strength. When you lower your body, keep in mind that you’re primarily working the front leg; most of your weight should be on the center of your front foot. DEADBUGS This exercise will work your abs and improve stability. Lie on your back with your legs and arms raised off the floor (like a dead bug). Then, slowly lower and extend opposite arms and legs at the same time. PUSHUPS Nothing like a tried-and-true classic. Pushups, when done correctly, can do a lot to improve your swing. Remember to keep your back straight, your hands beneath your shoulders, and your feet shoulder-width apart. We hope these exercises help you stay strong throughout the day out on the course. For any questions or concerns about chronic pain resulting from golf, call Campus Commons PT today at 916-927-1333.

August is National Golf Month — so it’s a great time to learn a few exercises you can do at home to improve your golf game! If you want to launch the ball farther off the tee, then you’ll want to work on strengthening your core — where most of your swing’s power comes from. Here are a few core exercises you can try at home before you hit the fairways. PELVIC ROTATIONS This stretch is meant to improve your mobility. Find a golf club and place one end on the ground while holding the other end with your arms straight out in front of you. Then, while holding that pose, twist your hips from left to right. You should feel this in the muscles on the sides of your torso. FULL BODY TURNS Hang on to that club for this stretch. This time, hold one end of the club at the very end and put your other hand a little way down from the other end. Then, while keeping the arm holding the very end of the club straight, lean forward, back straight and knees bent, and rotate your torso toward the opposite shoulder. 2

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