August 2021

fans from kickoff to the final whistle. The Showstoppers form a line from the inflatable hawk and down the field as the football team runs out, and the community support is amazing. Pleasant Grove has Texarkana’s most recent football state championships with the Hawks winning the 2017 and 2019 4A Division II Texas State Championships. Very few of the students orchestrating the ensemble of Friday nights will carry these roles past their senior year of high school. These kids pour out their hearts and souls for the sheer enjoyment of it. The Texas High snare drummer might never again pick up his drum sticks after graduation. The Arkansas High cheerleader may lay aside her pom-poms and enter nursing school, and these fall nights will be a long-lost memory. The Liberty-Eylau Dazzler will go on to college and reminisce about the choreography she used to perform. And the Pleasant Grove football player will graduate and only be left with the fond memories of his time representing the Hawks.

Four years of high school fly by, and these kids choose to spend those priceless moments representing their schools, and our city, for all of Texarkana to enjoy. Do not take those Friday nights for granted. Cheer on all the students and support them in their endeavors. They may be high school kids, but they are also role models for an entire community of younger children. They declare separate allegiances to Hawks, Leopards, Razorbacks and Tigers for now, but Texarkana is home, and they will carry it with them wherever their next adventure takes them. This is a city of champions, and football Fridays around our high school stadiums provide ample moments to capture its energy and truly understand the passion of our great town. Texarkana excitedly unites each week to cheer on our schools and to experience that one-of-a-kind thrill you can only find sitting in the stands, decked out in the colors of your favorite team, under the glow of those Friday night lights!

The lifeblood of Texarkana is the hometown football game.

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