August 2021

Back to School As someone who has basically been in school their entire life minus two years, I have a love-hate relationship with back to school time. I love it because the fresh new year full of possibilities has always excited me as a student-turned-teacher. I love meeting my new students each year! Summer is my favorite season because I love being outdoors and spending time in the sun! I’m always hesitant to give that up plus getting back into a routine each day is always difficult. Although, by the end of July I’m almost always starting to get bored and am ready to get back into the swing of things. I’m sharing my must haves for back to school perspective as a teacher and mom!

This makes me a little sad and nostalgic in a way. I remember being so excited to go to Target (the old one by Albertson’s) and pick out all my school supplies. Now, they come straight to your door in a bundle. Convenient

Keep all your must haves for tackling homework at an arm’s reach. Stock this caddy with plenty of pencils, erasers, highlighters, and a ruler plus whatever else you need to complete it!

Homework Station Organizer $25.99 at Michaels

yes, but certainly not as fun. Make

sure to check your school’s supply list since they vary at each one. And as a former art teacher here is one tip: always spring for the Crayola brand since it is better quality! Supply Set $29.99 at Amazon

I think this one is pretty self explanatory! Back to school is stressful for everyone. Treat yourself to a full body massage to help ease those aches and pains. You deserve it for getting those kids ready to go back! Full Body Massage from $80 At Heike’s Wellness Studio

Is it even yours if you don’t monogram it? It certainly comes in handy when your child and five other people in their grade choose identical backpacks. It makes grabbing it much easier. Also, much less likely to get home with a backpack full of stuff that is not yours. Monogramming from $20 at FanFare Gifts

The last thing I want to do in the evening the first few weeks back to school is cook and clean the kitchen. This is when I let Julie’s do the cooking for me. They have many different frozen casseroles you can store in your freezer and pop in the oven when needed. My personal favorites are the chicken spaghetti and both kinds of enchiladas. I love that they have a smaller and larger size so you can pick based on how many mouths you have to feed! Casseroles starting at $14 from Julie’s Deli

Is there anything worse than making it to lunchtime and seeing

that your food has leaked? Or gotten hot when it wasn’t supposed to? I’ve been there before. I wish things like this had been around when I had been in school. Keep your child’s food cold and from leaking with this organizer that fits in your lunchbox! Bentgo Chill Leak Proof Meal Organizer $29.99

I remember picking out the ugliest lunchboxes like CocaCola Bears or Lion King—I know my mom cringed when I did. There are many more options these days! Pick your favorite print and make sure you choose the personalization option since it’s bound to end up in the lost and found at least ten times throughout the year. Personalized Lunchbox from $26.50 at Pottery Barn


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