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Anyone who touches other people’s lives, whether personally, professionally, or in their communities, can choose to make a positive impact. What impact are you making?

W hat impact are you making? This is a question I’ve asked myself many times, and I think it’s one that we can all benefit from asking from time to time. Most of us who live in the first world societies of constant motion can all say we have a lot to do. We’re all busy. We’re tied for first on that one. But how much of what we do with our time positively impacts the people around us in our workplace, our families, and our communities? Let’s pause our busy lives for a moment and notice the impact we’re having or not having on those around us.

Kevin Token

People who make a difference don’t all have to be privileged, advantaged, or special in any way, or even living or working in a special circumstance. Sure, the researchers who developed the COVID-19 vaccines are making an enormous impact on society – and we need those people and are grateful for them – but anyone who touches other lives, whether personally, professionally, or in their communities, can choose to make a positive impact. Many of us spend most of our time working, so let’s start there. Maybe your organization has a meaningful mission that makes you to want to get up in the morning. For example, at BSA LifeStructures, our mission is “to create inspired solutions that improve lives.” For the majority of

our stakeholders, that is a meaningful mission and something worth doing. It is “why” we do what we do, and many of us who work at BSA feel a sense of satisfaction from the positive impact that our organization has on patients, students, and others. But if you break that down to a human scale, what is each person at BSA doing to impact that mission? What are you doing to impact the mission of your organization? If we just go to work every day (or stay at home and “go to work” like many of us have been doing) and fulfill our job descriptions, maybe that’s not enough to be truly impactful. Instead, we should be asking ourselves if we can fulfill our duties in

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