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August 2017

Reaching Goals as a Team!

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Celebrating success with friendly competition.

July was a month of opportunity and growth for Spa City. At the clinic, goal-setting and team building was our focus this past month. Team building in any context is beneficial. It fosters a sense of community, builds trust, and increases effectiveness as a unit. Goals, in a similar fashion, give work a purpose and a destination. They are like a GPS system that keeps you on the right track when you momentarily lose focus. With these things in mind, we set a goal for our staff that required each person to be a next-level team member. I wanted our team’s ability to face a challenge with determination to rise to a new level. Cooperation and communication were essential in reaching our mark. Aligning ourselves around this objective gave us a sense of purpose that motivated us to do our best. In an awesome display of initiative, the Spa City Therapy crew accomplished this goal for the month in just two weeks!

Team building extends past setting a goal and meeting it; another aspect is extremely important: reward for a job well done. To celebrate our success and to bond over a fun activity, we took a trip up to the local trampoline park for some friendly competition: good, old fashioned trampoline dodgeball. The night was a blast (more literally for some, who took a few solid shots to the head), and it was great to connect and have fun outside the office. We learned a valuable lesson over the course of the month: when we work as a unit toward a common goal, our efforts are multiplied. The synergy of teamwork is an all-important factor in our productivity. We will continue to implement goal-setting and team-building exercises in our clinic. As we work on these attributes, our team’s ability to solve problems and have fun in the process will shine through.

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-Lee Sowerbutts

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