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Staff Spotlight Sydney Moll, PT Tech

her co-workers and her patients, some of whom “have come back two or three times within the last two years and feel like family.” Sydney will be studying at Arkansas State University to become a Physical Therapist Assistant, with the goal of returning to the Spa City Therapy team when she earns her degree. Sydney’s parents, the current staff at Spa City, the student interns who have worked on the team, and her patients have all influenced and inspired her to take the next step and become a PTA. Her last day will be August 18, so be sure to stop by and give her a true Spa City Therapy sendoff!

Sydney Moll joined the Spa City Therapy team about two years ago. After realizing her love for helping patients toward healing, she will be transitioning from her position as a Physical Therapy Technician to go back to school at Arkansas State University. Sydney has loved getting to know her patients’ personalities and giving them the tools to return to their normal lives. One of her favorite moments at Spa City Therapy was the first time she worked with a patient as a PT Tech. Sydney remembered being nervous, but the lady she was helping “made [her] feel so comfortable,” and she has loved working with patients ever since. Sydney said she will miss

Patient Testimonials


1. Personal Attention: When I walk in to Physical Therapy, I feel special. You treat my physical body and my emotional well-being. Lee, Scott, and the entire team take a genuine interest in the patients and clients. You talk to us by name. You take an interest in me. You listen well. You tell me stories about your families. I feel like I am an old friend coming in to visit. You show tenderness in your treatment and you have trained your staff to be just as gentle and kind. 2. Service: You really know how to treat my special needs. I really like the extra “touches” that you offer: the carabiner with pictures of the exercises just for me, bands, pulley etc. You or your staff get started on my program of rehab quick and with a smile and a happy disposition. I like the newsletters that help us to know you on a more personal basis. 3. Environment: Your place of business is bright, cool, and super clean. You offer bottled water. Your linens-towels, pillowcases, blankets-are washed, dried, and clean for each and every use. You keep the TVs on neutral but entertaining stations. You dim the lights in the private treatment rooms.

4. Skill: You are innovative. You keep up with the latest therapy techniques. You go to training workshops and schools to stay on top of your game. You offer training to your staff. You stay knowledgeable of individual needs. I really like that you offer free seminars and workshops to individuals on Saturdays ..... to address back problems and other bone/muscle related ailments. 5. Organization: You treat multiple people during the day and stay on task. The timers will ring and the clients will need different treatment but you and your trained staff can keep up ....

With love, Susan Holick

“Many thanks!” After my total knee replacement I went to Spa City. Lee was excellent and patient at explaining what would happen during my time at PT. Everyone I have worked with has been wonderful. Josh, Jimi Ann, Sydney, Alayna, Lee, Scott and Robbie. The entire team is very professional and caring. Many “Thanks” to everyone on helping me recover & get back ready to return to work. - Debi

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