Facility Rentals Room capacity will vary depending on setup. Payment plans are available.

Hourly rates are available between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Tillsonburg Community Centre - 45 Hardy Ave Room Rates


Lions Auditorium Capacity: 275

Weekday $290.70 Hourly $58.70 Fri/Sat $520.20 Weekday $129.50 Hourly $31.10 Fri/Sat $177.50

SOP: Yes Stove: Yes

Fridge: Yes A/V: Yes

Lions Den Capacity: 100

SOP: Yes Stove: Yes SOP: Yes Stove: No SOP: Yes Stove: No SOP: Yes* Stove: No

Fridge: Yes A/V: Yes Fridge: No A/V: Yes Fridge: No A/V: Yes Fridge: No A/V: Yes

Marwood Lounge Capacity: 80

Hourly $31.10 Daily $134.60 Hourly $26.50 Daily $68.90 Hourly - Call Daily - Call

Rotary Room Capacity: 20 Arenas Capacity: 1200

*Restrictions apply Annandale National Historic Site - 30 Tillson Ave Room Rates

Note: All rentals (pool, ice, meet- ing rooms, pavillions etc.) require $5 million insurance coverage. Renters can purchase insurance coverage through the Community Centre or provide their own.


Program Room Capacity: 60-80

Half day $75.00 Full day $100.00

SOP: Yes Stove: Yes

Fridge: Yes A/V: No

Payment of 50% rental cost is due at time of booking (non-refundable).

Gibson House - Concession Street Room Rates


Meeting Room Capacity: 15-20

Hourly $26.50 Full day $68.90

SOP: No Stove: No

Fridge: No A/V: No

Legend : SOP = Special Occasion Permit; A/V = Audio Visual Equipment

Senior Centre - 45 Hardy Ave Auditorium Capacity: 100

Call 519.688.2520 for details

Parks & Pavillions

Call 519.688.9011 for details

Register online or by phone 519.688.9011


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