Pool Admission Standards and Supervision Criteria Wristband Policy

RED BAND All children 5 & under MUST be accompanied* 1:2 ratio Children ages 6 – 9 who are not able to pass the swim test MUST be accompanied* 1:4 ratio this ratio can be increased to 1:8 if lifejackets are worn YELLOW BAND Children 6 – 9 will receive a yellow band if they would like to attempt to pass the facility swim test. Results of the test will determine whether the child receives a Red or Green band. When a child passes the swim test they will receive a FREE photo card as proof that they have passed the swim test. *Replacements cards $5.00 GREEN BAND Children 6 – 9 who pass the Swim Admission Test may swim unaccompanied. Children with Green bands may be asked to retake the test if staff are concerned that the child cannot demonstrate the ability to maintain the Swim Admission Standard. Accompanied* Must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or designate (caregiver) who is at least 14 years of age and is responsible for their direct supervision. Caregiver must be in bathing attire and within arm’s reach of the child(ren) at all times, both in and out of the water. Individuals With Serious Medical Conditions Those with serious medical conditions should be accompanied by an individual 12 years or older who is knowledgeable of the condition and responsible for their direct supervision. Facility Swim Test To pass the Facility Swim Test swimmers must be able to swim two widths of the pool with their face in the water completing a regular comfortable breathing pattern. The swimmer must not stop during the entire distance or touch the bottom of the pool.

DID YOU KNOW? Once you pass the Swim Test you are eligible for a FREE identification card! You can present the card when attending swims so you won’t have to do the test again. Ask the Lifeguard how to get your card TODAY!

Register online or by phone 519.688.9011


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