Fleming: Stand Up To Sciatica

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RYANPEZZANO, PT Getting To Know The Fleming Physical Therapy Staff

I graduated cum laude with a BS in Physical Therapy and a minor in Biology from Daemen College. I have been practicing in outpatient orthopedics for 16 years and have treated a vast array of cases including post-surgical, athletic, neurological and pediatric. I have taken a variety of continuing education courses covering topics such as the spine, ankle foot biomechanics, orthotics fabrication, the shoulder and the knee. I currently run an orthotics and biomechanics program and have fitted orthotics for awide range of individuals includingmajor college and professional athletes. I have presented at two ankle foot conferences given by AMC geared towards educating primary care physicians about the ankle/foot. I have also appeared on Health Link with Benita Zahn on WMHT to present on LBP and proper body mechanics. I believe in an eclectic approach to the treatment of my patients. Manual physical therapy, active

exercise based physical therapy, and the use of a variety of treatment modalities are all utilized in order to provide the most effective treatment option for the patient. I strongly believe that each patient is unique and as such, requires an individualized treatment program tailored to their physical therapy needs. It is only when the therapist and the patient are working together, that maximum rehabilitation goals can be met.

Inside: • Treating Sciatica Naturally

• Stand Up To Sciatica

• Relieve Back Pain In Minutes

• Patient Success Spotlight


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