Superior Health Center - October 2019



Side Leg Raises

and strength, especially since October is National PhysicalTherapy Month.

1. Stand straight directly behind a table or chair with hands placed on it and feet slightly apart.

Many people think of physical therapy as a practice that helps them recover from an injury, but it’s much more than just that.This form of therapy touts benefits including pain relief from chronic pain, restoration of mobility, prevention of the need for surgery, improved balance, and smoother recovery from strokes. Physical therapy can also encourage people to pursue a physically active lifestyle. In light of National PhysicalTherapy Month, we are sharing a list of stretches and exercises that we routinely assign to patients.These exercises are specifically for increasing balance, which will prevent serious falls in later life. Here are four stretches we encourage patients to practice every day for improved balance.

2. Slowly lift one leg 6–12 inches out to the side while keeping your back and other leg straight.

3. Don’t point your toes downward. Keep them facing forward and hold this position.

4. Slowly lower your leg and repeat with the other.

5. Alternate legs until you’ve repeated exercise 8–15 times with each leg, before resting and doing another set of 8–15 alternating repetitions.

Calf Raises

1. Stand straight directly behind a table or chair with hands placed on it and feet slightly apart.

Single-Leg Balance

1. Standing straight behind a chair with hands placed on the back and feet slightly apart, slowly lift one leg and hold for 30 seconds.

2. Raise up on your toes as high as you can in a slow and controlled manner and pause for one second at the top.

3. Slowly return to your original position, then repeat 8–12 times for two sets.

2. Slowly lower your leg and repeat with the other leg.

3. Be sure to keep your back and knees straight throughout the entire exercise


B eing physically active is an important part of our lives.Whether you play sports, take daily walks, or enjoy yoga, physical activity keeps your body and mind fit. One often overlooked form of activity is physical therapy. All of us at Superior Health Centers know how important physical therapy is for people.We want to take the time to talk about the significant impacts of this form of recovery

1. Position your heel just in front of your toes on the opposite foot each time you take a step.Your heel and toes should touch or almost touch.

4. Alternate legs until you’ve repeated the exercise two times with each leg.

5. As you become comfortable with the exercise, challenge your balance with a lighter grip on the chair.

2. Walk 15 feet, stop, turn around, and walk

back to where you started. Do this three times, twice a day.

6. Do these exercises daily for two weeks, and then increase from 30 seconds to 60.



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