IMAPS Advancing Microelectronics 2020 Issue 3 (Advanced SiP)

ADVANC ED S i P 2 0 2 0

Design Services & Design/Production Capabilities for AiP/AoP For AiP/AoP technologies, Amkor has developed an extensive toolset to maximize circuit density and ad - dress the sophisticated packaging formats required for high-volume production of 5G and any mmWave de- sign. In addition to an advanced multi-die integration toolbox and RF SiP design and simulation know-how, other capabilities include: • Extensive fcCSP, WLCSP, LDFO and HDFO portfolios for multi-die designs

Implementing AiP/AoP Technologies Depending on the frequency range, different platforms are used for both the antenna and the IC package. In addition to AiP, the integrated antenna can be mounted on the package (AoP), or on a substrate (AoS), or in a SiP mmWave antenna module and the AiP approach itself can vary from package to package. For applications below 6 GHz, a Flip Chip Ball Grid Array (FCBGA) or double-sided ball grid array (DSBGA) are two possibilities. For applications in the 28 GHz to 39 GHz range, the antenna could be a SiP module antenna or a Flip Chip Chip Scale Package (fcCSP) with package on package (PoP) antenna. Applications in the 60 to 77 GHz range benefit from a wafer level or Low- Density Fan-Out (LDFO) package to the most advanced High-Density Fan-Out (HDFO) packaging. RF shielding techniques include dual-side mold, conformal shield, compartment shield using laser trench and paste filling technology, partial molding, selective conformal shielding and hybrid SiP designs. These techniques implement a variety of materials to conductive lids as well as cored, coreless and low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) and conformal shielding materials. Packaging technologies for AiP/AoP include: • Body sizes up to 23.0 mm x 6.0 mm with several smaller options • Up to 14 substrate layers • Thin-film redistribution layer (RDL) and dielectrics for 77 GHz and higher applications With Amkor AiP/AoP technologies, system designers get: • A smaller footprint-phased antenna array design to minimize space • Reduced signal attenuation for mmWave products • Lower power consumption • Improved range for devices • A design proven and qualified by the supplier In fact, Amkor’s AiP/AoP packaging technologies have achieved over 60 GHz operation.

• An established and reliable supply chain • Global assembly scale and system test investments • RD design & measurement lab

Initiating an AiP/AoP Design Amkor offers many options to incorporate AiP/AoP in a variety of packages or SiP and the high-volume production capacity to support the design of the next generation mmWave products. To integrate Amkor’s market leading 5G and mmWave packaging technology in a next generation application, system designers simply need to contact Amkor and discuss their system requirements.

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