www.marejournal.com M id A tlantic Real Estate Journal — ODM — 2018 GOVERNOR'S CONFERENCE ON HOUSING & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT — August 24 - Sept. 13, 2018 — 21B 2018 GOVERNOR'S CONFERENCE ON HOUSING & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT By Bob Kilroy, Jewel Electric Supply After the Storm: How do you prepare differently today than you did pre-Sandy? S ix years ago, many com- munities in New Jer- sey were devastated by

electrical equipment due to moisture can affect the ability of the equipment to perform its intended function. Dam- age to electrical equipment can result from flood waters contaminated with chemicals, sewerage, oil or other debris which can affect the integ- rity and performance of the equipment. Ocean waters and salt spray can be particularly damaging due to the corrosive and conductive nature of the salt water residue. One of the items I suggest as a must have is what I re- ferred to as “The First-Aid

Kit for the Facility”. A go bag stocked with tools and safety equipment needed to properly assess, repair or lockout any equipment or device that has been exposed to water or other hazardous or questionable conditions. Having the proper tools on hand to evaluate a situation can save the facility or the homeowner from pay- ing high emergency response labor cost. The “Facility-First-Aid Kit” should also include items such as replacement fuses, tapes, contact cleaners, compressed air as well as some other

items specific to your facility. I remember my time in the scouts, we had a saying; “If it moves and it shouldn’t; Duct- tape it. If it doesn’t move and should; Lubricate it”. Well that holds true for your Facil- ity First-Aid Kit as well, don’t forget to include Duct-tape and WD-40. During the last six years many new products have en- tered the market place that would have been beneficial to many who were affected by Sandy’s rapt. A large selec- tion of solar powered lighting products, generators, battery

powered cellphone charges just to name a few are now more readily available than ever before. Reach out today to your favorite electrical distributor, hopefully that will be Jewel Electric Supply. Ask us for recommendations of products that are available to help you be prepared. We ready to help you create your Facility First-Aid Kit so that you can be proactive rather than reactive when the next storm arrives. Bob Kilroy is Executive Director of Operations Jewel Electric Supply. 

Hur r i c ane Sandy. Octo- ber 29, 2012 will live in the mi nds and hearts of New Jer- sians forev- er. Some re- membering

Bob Kilroy

it for the tragic loss of prop- erty that was experienced and others for the extraor- dinary acts of kindness and heroism they were part of or witnessed. Either way the facts are the facts; Sandy, the most intense storm of that year made land fall in New Jersey on October 29th causing un- imaginable damages. There were estimated economic losses to businesses of close to $30 billion and uncalculat- able personal losses including some lost lives. More than 350,000 homes were damaged or destroyed and over two million house- holds lost power as a result of the storm. Many who lost power were without power for multiple days, the average household was without power for seven days while some went weeks before power could be restored. One could only imagine the demand for batteries, generators and any other self-powered light sources those outages caused. People were simply just not prepared for the aftermath of a severe storm like Sandy. Individuals, homeowners and businesses scrambled to find solutions that would get their lives and properties back on track. There was hardly anyone in New Jersey or the surrounding area who was not touched by the effects of this Hurricane. So here we are six years later occasionally facing hor- rific rain storm conditions and flash flood warnings, hurri- cane season upon us and what have we learned? How do you prepare differently today than you did pre-Sandy? What precautions and preventive maintenance procedures have been put in place? Electrical equipment ex- posed to water can be ex- tremely hazardous if reen- ergized without proper re- conditioning or replacement. Reductions in the integrity of

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