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Garret Bedrin, The Bedrin Organization “We Treat Our Tenants Like Our Customers!”


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Garret Bedrin Partner Years with company/firm: 13 Years in field: 13 Years in the real estate industry:13

Based in Glen Rock, NJ, the Bedrin Organization is a private equity real estate investment and operating company that manages nearly 2.0 million square feet of property in 6 states across the United States. The Bedrin Organization’s disciplined and entrepreneurial approach to investing built a portfolio of assets that are well positioned to generate cash flow and achieve growth of capital. We manage our investments with the focus of an owner as our principals invest their own funds alongside investors. We continually review our value maximization strategy for each of our proper- ties, carefully monitoring expenses, and optimizing revenue potential.

complishment? Being named, along with my Cousin Mike, the 1st ever Salons by JC Franchi- see of the Year and Greens- boro’s small business per- son of the year in the same year. What is your most no- table project, deal or transaction? I’m most proud of the 2015 acquisition of St. George Square in Winston- Salem, NC. It was my 1st deal that I handled from soup to nuts. I sourced it, procured financing, and brought on outside inves- tors to invest side by side with us. We worked closely with a Bridge Lender to set aside the appropriate Ten- ant Improvement dollars for our Salons by JC Fran- chise, who later expanded to the 1st floor as well. We immediately added a great deal of value since the building was 67% leased at purchase with a negative stigma and now its 100% leased and extremely active and embraced . Howdo you contribute to your company and / or the industry? I am involved in all fac- ets of our company. As a family business we all wear a lot of hats and we constantly throw ideas back and forth. On a day-to-day basis I oversee our Acquisi- tions, Leasing, and Investor Relationships teams and am responsible for future company strategy including business development and diversification Who or what has been the strongest influ- ence in your career? I pride myself on being an even balance between my Father and my Uncle. I take a “Conservatively Aggressive” approach in how I approach any deals. I’m pragmatic, patient, de- cisive, and extra friendly. I always try to be a good lis- tener and be a “solutionist” .

My Poppa Murray found- ed our family business (Al- lied Office Supplies) back in 1947. I always admired him for how hard he worked and how much he loved his family. Although I was too young to work beside him, I often dreamt of when it would be my turn. He passed away in 2001 and from that point on I new one day I would honor him by joining the family and often thought about him when I moved home from California in 2005 . What outside activi- ties do you enjoy dur- ing you free time? I love staying healthy and taking fitness classes. Kettlebells, CycleBar, Or- ange Theory are a few of my favorites. Staying healthy is really important to me because I love every day I get to spend with my beau- tiful wife Jessica and our adorable girls Juliet, 7, and Harper, 3. I ALWAYS say “Health is Wealth”. I also enjoy spending time with friends, touring beautiful real estate, and relaxing by the beach. I never turn down a Broadway show ticket or an airplane seat. What inspiring word of advice would you give to a young execu- tive graduating from college today? Young graduates need to find something they are passionate about and en- joy the grind. The earlier you learn that the journey is what’s important, the quicker you’ll live happier and more fulfilling days. I highly recommend you find a mentor, do an internship, and try something outside of your comfort zone; like mov- ing across the country. ■

What impact has social media / networking had on your career? For the past 3 years I have a made a huge effort to grow our social media platforms. All 3 of my Salons by JC lo- cations have Facebook and Instagram accounts, which we regularly buy ads and post great content to. Re- cently we added Facebook, Instagram, and Linked in to our Bedrin Organization marketing budgets and the feedback has been tremen- dous. There is no question we have to interact with our customers the way they like to interact. Investors, Lenders, and Tenants love seeing what we are up to. What challenges and or obstacles do you feel you needed to overcome to become as successful as you are today? When you join a family business there is always the question of whether you will fit in with the culture and will people respect you. I decided after college it was important to do my own thing for a few years and see how other companies operated. I moved to Cali- fornia and worked for the Golden State Warriors bas- ketball team selling season tickets to high net worth individuals and large com- panies. Although selling tickets for a team who had not made the playoffs in 12 years was an uphill battle, it taught me a great deal about sales, perseverance, luck, and about building relationships. Who do you feel was most influential in your life when choos- ing this profession?

Michael Bedrin, Paul Bedrin, Jerry Bedrin and Garret Bedrin of The Bedrin Organization

these are a few of my favorite things College: UMass Book: The Day the Crayons Quit Movie: The Greatest Showman App: Instagram Sport: Football Sports Team: NY Giants Food: Sushi Dessert: Anything my wife or her mother makes Restaurant: Saddle River Inn Hobby: Playing with my kids If you could dine with anyone dead or alive who would you choose? Alexander Hamilton

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